Scene #24: My Wife; Laid In A Corn Field

As I've mentioned in previous stories we live in a rural area. There is a creek near by with a very large swimming hole, everybody around here used it. One day while I was at work my wife took the kids down to play in the creek. Three teenaged boys showed up. One she thinks was about 17 or 18 at the most. The other two were maybe15 or 14. The two younger boys started to play with our kids down on one end of the swimming hole while the older one started to flirt with my wife who was 30 at the time. She was floating, hanging off the side of an inflatable raft. He kept working his way nearer to her. We all know how guys are, if a woman doesn't stop them they just keep going and she didn't stop him. He moved in behind her with his arms around her waist, then started to feel her t*ts. He dumped her t*ts out of her bathing suit top and felt her bare t*ts and played with her nipples, all under the water where no one could see. She could feel his hard d*** against her a*s. Then his hand moved down and inside the bottom to play with her p*ssy. His car was right up on the bank so he invited her to go up there, which she did. He got a blanket out of the trunk and they went a little way into the corn field that was right there. He spread the blanket on the ground between two rows of corn and while he did that my wife took off her bathing suit. When he turned around again he saw what was probably the first grown woman he had ever seen naked. His swimming trunks were off in an instant and there was a large hard young d***. She laid herself down and spread her legs for his d***. This wasn't his first time because she found out he really knew how to use it. She said it really felt good.

After getting herself straightened up she got the kids and went home.

A few days later we were driving by there and she saw the same three boys down in the creek. She pointed out the one who had f***ed her. He was a big boy alright. I suggested I drop her off and come back later or I could wait while she invited the boys up to our house about 10:00 that night, after the kids are in bed. She declined the offer saying they were too young. I suggested to just invite the oldest one then. She said no, she shouldn't have done it with him, even though it was good.

She was right, they were too young but I still would have given her to those three boys. However, maybe some time I'll tell about the night we picked up a teenaged hitch-hiker and he f***ed her in the back seat while I drove.

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What a hot and eoric story......more please!

Thanks. I will read them now!!!! So arousing when an older married woman is taken and used and ****** by young men and boys.

I would like to **** your wife. You can watch.

OMG I love your stories, I get so hard as I read them