New To This

So about a year ago I met the absolute love of my life. We're planning our wedding. She's from Europe so we're waiting on visas etc. So about 2 months ago I confessed to her that I fantasize her with other men. She's been giving it thought. She likes the idea of us being together for anything we try. Because of our distance I told her she can go ahead and play without me there. She hasn't but still chats with other men. There is one she considered for a short time. They may meet again soon (he lives a few hours away from her) and go out. She says that she lost interest in this guy sexually. Of course she did say to just let it happen. If it happens it happens.

This relationship with my wife(to be) is by far the best relationship I've ever had. We share an openness about everything. I know about a lot of her past and she's not ashamed. She told me that she was the free little birdie and enjoyed it. I actually love hearing her stories and she asks me about mine.

So does anyone have advice? Is just letting it be the best thing? She doesn't like to joke about the "hot wife" thing much. I love to tease about it but I leave it be when she asks me to stop.

I am glad to read here that I am far from the only husband that likes this. :)
steveg7003 steveg7003
Sep 19, 2012