My husband invited to spend couple of days at friend beach house , he is not married and we use to hangout all together . When I was getting my stuff I asked my husband what type of bikini he want to get it but he ask me to get the hottest white one that I got for this summer . We arrived to his friend Phil and we all was very excited , phill and my husband tom was chatting while I went to wear my hot bikini , when I walked to them phill was amazed and he flirt to me and my husband was smiling , then we all went to the beach but phill was very attached to me and I did like it , after having our drinks my husband ask me to swim with him but I preferred to had some sun tanning , also phill said to him that he will stay with me , after minutes phill asked me to put some lotion on him but on his chest while he was sleeping on the sand which means I had to sit near to him after I start putting lotion to his chest I can reach some areas so I had to set over him and he was very happy for this position and I start getting hot also him and he keep pushing my back till I found my self setting over his deck and this is was very hot for both of us , when my husband came from the sea and he saw this position he said nothing and he just told us that he is Hungary and we need to get make some food , then I moved from phill and his deck was totally standing , phill he had some food on the house and ask us to join him for cooking but my husband replied that he want to set on the beach and ask me to help phill , in that moment I was feeling very hot and I found it good chance for me , I walked with phill and we was smiling for the way phill looks with his standing up deck but while we are walking Phill was hugging me from my west . At his house we start arranging the food and while I was standing phill come to me from my back and hugs me then I turn in his face and we start kissing then I set on the bar and he take my bikini off and he put his deck in me , it was very nice and while we make love I saw my husband walking and he kept watching us without let us know that he is watching after we had sex we made some food and I went to the beach alone then phill came but my husband didn't told me that he saw me , and we all went to swim all together and my husband ask me to take my bikini top off to have good tanning and that was nice and phill was holding and hugging me while I am topless , after that at the beach I asked phill to put some oil over my body and he start oiling me while my husband was enjoying seeing me like that and phill was oiling my teds slowly and that was really hot , on sun set we all walked back to the house and my husband ask me to be topless , we arrived to the house and my husband gave bigger limit to phill for touching me infront of him then my husband wants to get some beer from the town  and he left me with phill and that was great because me and phill wants to have some more sex and we had great sex and when my husband came he founds me lying on the sofa while phill was kissing me and he did say nothing , this short vacation was good ans since this days phill is regular guest in our house , and my husband didn't told me that he saw me making love with phill but he always wants me dress very hot while phill with us, I think he likes me to be shared and deeply I love this feelings .
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Sep 2, 2014