Girls Night Out (late Night Surprise)

Last night it was girls night out which sounds innocent but usually leads to a hook up for my hot wife. She came home late which is usually an indication of a good time. She came into the bedroom after checking on the kids. I had fallen asleep after thinking about her out with her friends all night wondering what trouble she got into. I think the anticipation is what I enjoy the most. She woke me with a gentile kiss. She had on one of my tshirts. We started kissing I could tell right away that her mouth tasted different and that she probably at a minimum had sucked someone off. She went down on me pulled my boxers off and started to suck me licking and kissing my **** while rubbiing my balls. I strained as I was hard as a rock. In between sucking she told me how much fun she had. She said she was dancing with her girlfriends while a local band played. One of the band members who we know was watching her with her friends. After their set he got her a drink and they started to chat. My wife was dressed in a really cute short sun dress and some nice heels. I saw her leave and she looked super sexy not slutty just sexy. As they chatted the bar became more crowded and she was pressing up against him. He took this as his clue to begin to feel her up. They started making out and before she knew it he had his hand up her dress rubbing her and she was rubbing his **** thru his jeans. She said she could tell he was pretty well hung and this only made her hotter. He had to play another set but would be done soon and invited her to a little band party. She asked if her girlfriends could come and he said the more the better. After the band was done playing they all left and went to a nice loft where some of the band lived. It was a pretty wild party lots of drugs and alcohol. Some of her friends thought the seen was too wild but not for my wife. She stayed along with one of her best friends. As the night wore on the crowd had thinned and pretty soon it was just the band about five guys and the two girls. My wife said she was making out with the lead singer when he asked her to ***** for everyone. My wife love to be the center of attention and soon was giving a very sexy show. Her girlfriend was making out with the drummer as my wife ******** down to her g-string. The singer stood up and walked over to her and started kissing her all over. The other just watched. She said her girl friend was now blowing the drummer as he and the others watched the show. The singer kissed her chect then down to her stomach and soon had pulled her g-string down and kissed her super wet *****. She said having everyone watching her sent her over the edge and she came repeatedly as he licked her. She returned the favor and sucked him off as the other guys had their ***** out and stroked themselves. Her girlfriend was now naked as well and was getting ****** from behind as she sucked off another guy. My wife said that as she sucked the one guy another came up and played with her *** and soon had pushed himself into her. She said he was not the biggest but was thick and it felt really good as she blew one guy and the other ****** her. It did not take long for him to *** in her as she continued to suck this went one for probably a good hour with her and her friend being passed around from guy to guy. As she told me the story it was almost too much as my need to unload was incredible. My wife for some reason would not let me every time I got close she would squeeze my balls hard and force me not to come. She loves this little game as she knows that when I do blow my load it will be a big one. I then realized I heard something down stairs. At first I was thinking she brought one of this ***** home to **** her some more. Then the door opened and her girlfriend was standing there. She thanked me for letting her have such a good time that she wanted to give me something in return. Her friend joined us and it was incredible as we all ****** and sucked for a few hours until morning. I think my favorite thing last night was when my wife licked my shaft and her friends ***** as I ****** her friend doggie style. When I came in her I heard my wife sucking everything out of ***** and felt her cleaning me up. Now that is fun!
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9 Responses May 29, 2011

Now that's hot !

great story what you got goin on!

wow very hot story,don't think I could stand my wife doing this,I'm too much the one and only type could be maybe i'm just insecure don't think she would want me anymore.

What a wonderful wife you have.

She is definately a hot wife!

Damn you guys are incredible

Very hot story of a fun - and very considerate - wife.

Great story, wish my wife had a friend like this and would enjoy herself first and then come home to me all sexed up. Thanks for sharing.

You have an amazing wife, does she have sister lol