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Seducing My Hot Neighbor And Helping Her Embrace Her Life As A Hot Wife

I had been divorced for just a few years. There was a rental house two houses down from the house I bouught. A young couple had moved in with their kids so after they had been settled for a few days I went down one evening after work with a bottle of wine to introduce myself.  A stunning blonde who was almost 6 inches taller than me answered the door and invited me in. Her husband Sandy was in the living room reading a book and stood to introduce himself. I noted that he was even shorter than me as we talked. The wife who I will call Linda opened the bottle and invited me to join her and her husband for a drink. Her husband sat back in the recliner he had been in and so I offered to open the bottle if she would point me to the closest corkscrew. As we got into the kitchen she got very close and thanked me for opening the bottle. She sighed and noted that she was used to having to do everything and anything in their home.

We returned to the living room where her husband was. I seated myself on the sofa which was the closest seat to where Sandy was reading. Linda walked up to sandy and pulled the book out of his hands and told him be respectful to our new neighbor who stopped by to meet us. I was shiocked but shrugged off both of their behaviors. She then took a seat on the sofa with me a little closer than I had expected but none the less enjoying her attentions.
Linda and I polished off the bottle with Sandy only sipping about half of the first glass he was given. Throughout the conversation Linda was extremely freindly, intelligent and engaging and seemed to find every opportunity she could to touch my arm or my leg while making a point. The evening ended with my saying I should go. I shook Sandy's hand and got a hug from Linda and was on my way. 

That weekend Linda appeared at my door asking for help with thier garbage disposal. It was jammed, the landlord couldn't get there until the next day and her husband, "was useless" for working around the house. I headed over with my allen wrenches and got the disposal working in about 30 seconds while Sandy played solitaire on the computer in the kitchen. She was delighted and amazed and gave me a lingering and long hug and even a quick kiss on the lips.  Linda ended up following me outside and as I started to walk away she asked if she could walk with me and I of course agreed. She hollered into Sandy that she was taking a walk and would be back in awhile and told him to watch the kids who were in the family room watching TV.   

As we alked back to my house she complained about how useless sandy was and how she had no idea what a wimp of a man he was until after they married. She said it has progressively gotten worse as she took on just about every responsibility in the home. She told me it was nice to know there were still real men out there who knew how to be men as she grabbed my arm, cuddled close and continued to talk.

We arrived at my home and I asked if she wanted a drink.  She said sure and asked for a beer or Gin and Tonic. We both grabed beers and sat out back on my porch. We talked for what seemed like hours and polished off a few beers. I was getting bolder and her actions clearly conveyed her flirting. When I  headed back in for another round she went in to "use the bathroom". She came back out and had removed her bra and said I hope you don't mind it just gets so uncomfortable when it's hot like this. Her very nice breasts and erect nipples were very visible. I said not at all and told her how beautiful she was. Back outside she wanted to sit on the back porch swing. So we did and about 5 minutes later we were in each other arms necking like school kids. I enjoyed her breasts but was stopped when I tried to take it the next step. She backed up and said she was confused. She found me more that attractive and desired me but said she needed to think before this went any farther. I told her we should go inside to talk. We did. I then pinned her up against the kitchen counter, grabbed her long blonde hair in one hand and started unzipping her shorts with my other. I told her that flirting is allowed only when it's followed by a good ****. She protesed for a minute but as her shorts hit the floor she grabbed me and kissed me and pulled me to the couch where we consumated her becoming the Hot Wife she is today.

At back yard cook outs and neighborhood events it was clear to everyone what was going on. LInda would always be with or around me and often times ended up on my lap as groups sat around and chatted. Someone kidded her about it once and she turned to Sandy and said "Sandy doesn't mind my paying attentions to a real man do you Sandy?" He bowed his head and said, "I guess not".

One time after a passionate lovemaking session she said Sandy had been compaining about all the time we had been spending together. I asked her if they still had sex and she laughed and said yes maybe once a week. It was then she told me about her husband's inability to last more than 5 seconds in her and how he was hardly ever able to make her *** orally or manually. I aksed if they had ever talked about us having sex. She said no.

That is when the cuckolding of Sandy turned from and unintended consequence to a specific targeted objective of our relationship. It turns out it actually excited him to see us together and thinking about us having sex. We developed a plan and she slowly weaned him off of intercourse with her, got him in a chastity device and would reward him with a hand job or blow job when she decided to as long as he agreed to allow our relationship to continue. If he even mentioned anything negative about us she would withhold his release for weeks until he was a wimpering mess.

Having sex in their house was difficult at best so our traditional place was at my place as my kids spent 2/3rds of their lives with my ex. Sex in the marital bed had to be timed around when the kids had school events or soccer. Sandy would take the kids and we would enjoy her marital bed.

Finally one night at a back door bonfire we got our chance to make sure Sandy was a part of it all. Their kids were at a sleepover and all the neighbors had left and the 3 of us remained. We had planned this for days. Linda turned to sandy and said, We are going up to make love. Please finish cleaning up and let me know when you are done."   Sandy said, "You're going upstairs in our bed while I'm here?" He was dumbfounded. She said yes, grabbed and squeezed his balls and reminded him what would happen if he complained. He then paused and surprised me when he asked if he could listen from the hall after he was done cleaning. Linda agreed and Sandy was a full blown cuck wimp.  

Our relationship lasted  a year or two as she slowly embraced all of her slutty desires, lived out all her fantasies and became my sexy submissive ****.

More stories to come about my giving her to other men and how that led her to her current Black Bull.  


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I enjoyed my time with her immensely. When two people want each other....who is zooming who? I used her.......she enjoyed it.....and so did subby hubby. But....she was many more stories could be shared

The question is . . . who seduced who? :)