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My hands are on fire to feel your warm soft flesh. I caress your shoulders and pull you into my arms, feeling your nipples harden as they touch my chest; your thighs feel my hard member pressing against you; my pulse is racing. I am consumed with desire. My hands roam all over your body as my lips hungrily seek yours. I hear you sigh and moan softly as we kiss. We are sitting side-by-side on the bed. I lay you on your back; you raise your arms over your head, your lustrous hair framing your lovely face. You are waiting to see what I do next. I am hungry for you, married forbidden fruit; but first I must have your *****. I gently open your legs to give me access, and I see you are so aroused that ***** juice is seeping out. Your ***** lips are slightly swollen as I am longingly gazing at it – I lust for those soft sweet thighs and wet waiting *****. I want to really get your ***** hot and to hear you beg for it, so I take my time, starting with caressing, kissing and licking those curvy calves. Then I begin to stroke both thighs very lightly with my fingertips, running them all around, barely contacting the silky smoothness of the stocking. I hear you start to murmur a little, you are starting to be aroused. My blood is racing through my veins, and my **** is rock-hard with desire, as I begin to kiss and lightly lick the inner thighs, but always stopping about an inch below your *****, which is so wet, it is leaking a little and your ***** lips and **** are a little swollen now. You are getting louder, whimpering as I tantalize you. I am not ready to kiss your ***** lips yet. I kiss my way up those soft sweet thighs, around your ***** and onto your precious soft tummy; I am tonguing your belly button and roaming my hands all around your sweet body, but I don't touch your *****. You moan and say: "Richard, Richard, please suck my *****, I am so wet and hot!" You are squirming now with desire. But I'm not ready yet. I want you to beg some more and your ***** to get hotter with desire. I roam up your body as my tongue is flicking over your beautiful body, barely touching it, and my hands caress the mounds of your beautiful breasts - my thumbs and forefingers gently roll and pinch your nipples as I kiss and tongue your soft sweet neck. Then I am running my hands down your tummy and around your *****, being careful not to touch it yet, lovingly massaging you soft inner thighs to within a half-inch of your wet pulsating *****. You cry out: "Richard, Oh Richard, Richard, please suck me, please baby! Oh Richard, God, please suck my *****!" Now, I am ready. I kiss my way slowly up your inner thighs, and then begin to flick the shaved bare part of your ***** lips several times; and then, without warning, I plunge my tongue deep into your *****. You cry out and clamp your thighs tightly around my head and *** and ***. My mouth is filled with your juices, but I continue to lick and suck your *****. I am not going to stop until you *** again.. Then I put my hands on your *** and pull your ***** hard into my face, licking and sucking in a frenzy. You buck your hips into my mouth, rapidly turning your head from side-to-side, momentarily taking your mouth off Jack’s **** moaning: “Oh baby, Oh baby, I'm going to ***, I’m going to ***." Your words excite me beyond belief, I am gently tonguing you **** which is hard and swollen. Then you squeeze my head again and *** and ***, your sweet nectar is flowing down my throat and I hungrily swallow it all.
cran44 cran44 61-65, M Jan 11, 2013

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