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My wife is eager to please me anyway that I suggest or converse with her about. She is always getting hit on by gfuys in public and online. I do not share. We are for each other only. She gets jealous of people that contact me on facebook that I was in High School with. If any of her ex-lovers see us in town & hit on her in my presence again there is going to be a killing. We have a relationship built on love not just sex. All guys nowadays want to do is FUCKK. We are not like that we love each other deeply.

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Hi rajeev815, my husband and me would certainly love to have conversation with you. Silkybody

that's good. I can share my GF with another woman but I'm very jealous of her and wouldn't even dream of sharing her or letting her **** someone else.

we too hav similar relationship......however,,,,,we started getting turned on by other gud looking cpls lately,,,,,,,wanting to meet such ppl on net,,,or phone or even physical meets to b frnds first,,,,,

right on!

We love each other as well, but I do let her have lovers. It is because we love each other so much that I can share her and she loves for me to watch her with others. Love is expansive and creative. Jealousy stems from a fear of loss. I do not fear losing my wife, yet she fears losing me. I have never really anted a lover, but understand my wife enjoys pleasing other men. It is because our love is as strong as it is that we can have the relationship that we have. What works for you is right and what works for us is right.<br />
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Love is a beautiful thing.

She and I do not share the other we find peace and anything we desire in our relationship.

if you REALLY trust each other... the possibilities open up. what is off limits today may seem long over due tomorrow ... enjoy what you need... and love each other.

Thank you carriel

It's nice to know there are people out there like you!!

Thank ypu Camael.