Wife Gets Taken Be Stranger As Husband Watches

           I slide over towards the other side of the booth so my husband can see more of my lover fingering my *****. My lover Mark, I met about one hour ago, and we sat at a booth at the edge of the dance floor. After things got a little more heated, I slid over in the booth. I tell Mark I don't want people to see "everything", and giggle. I'm also doing it because my husband has the only table across the back of the dance floor. He has pretended all night to be watching girls dancing, and the band, but he has been watching this man enjoy his wife. Mark is here from Atlanta on business. I tell him I am here with my husband, but he is upstairs in our room. I tell him we are here for three days just to get away fromm home for a while. I said we have been talking about me trying something with another man, and that we had watched a couple movies with  a man watching his wife. I even call my husband on the cell, and act like I'm speaking to him upstairs. Mark doesn't notice him watching us. As I move over in the booth, the only person who can see through that angle is the table my husbands sitting at. He can see my whole left leg, all the way to my panty bottoms. I know he is probably rock hard from seeing Marks hand inside his wife's thighs, playing with "his" *****. Mark came up and introduced himself at the bar. We have danced a few songs. One slow song, I maneuvered him over by my husbands table. We were slow dancing,  and I took one of his hands and "helped" it fall to my butt. I'm 5'6", 120lbs, petite and tan, and natural blonde. Mark was a foot taller than me and I was in 4" heels. Not 5 ft in front of my husbands table, Mark's large, black hand covers one whole *** cheek through my flimsy dress. I lean up and kiss him deeply. Finally back at the booth, I tell him I need to ask my husband what he wants to do, because I have never even kissed a black man before. Let alone sitting in this booth, with him fingering my *****. Mark is 27, ten years youger than me. He says he's been married 6 years, and hasn't had a white woman in that 6 yrs. He has me fire hot. I am on the verge of letting him **** me anywhere. I know my husbands heart is beating as fast as mine, watching this man play with his wife. We haven't done this in so long, it feels like the first time. I tell Mark I will go up to our room and be right back. I go to the restroom and take tissue to soak up my *****. I call my man. My husband says Mark can have me, but only if he watches. As I come back, I slide in the same place where my huband can see my leg again. Mark insist's I come up to his room. He begins kissing me and squeezing my ***** with his giant hands. I joke with him, which helps make my man jealous a bit more. I can feel his **** simmering from across the room. Mark gets me a clean bar-towel and I raise my butt up so he can place it under my butt. I'm so wet, there would be a large wet mark in my sheer white dress pretty soon.. Both men, and others, have enjoyed looking ay my white underwear under my dress. I want to make sure my husband gets everything he asked for tonight. And I'm as hot as I can get. I call again, and I'm talking back and forth with Mark and my husband. Finally they agree my husband will sit out on the balcony, and Mark can have me in our room. Turns out, they're only 5 doors apart anyway. We agree to leave the slider open just a foot, and close the sheers in our room. My husband tells me to come up in 10 minutes. He goes to the room, and pours out a large sports drink bottle in case he has to pee. He takes our cooler, with some beers and ice, and his cigg's out to the patio. When Mark and I enter our room, it's darker outside than inside. My husband can see us through the sheers, but I can only see him when he lights, or smokes a cigeratte I pour Mark a Vodka and cranberry and me one. We agree to leave the TV off, and I told him I would be right back. I come out of the bathroom wearing a black teddy, and matching lace panties. I want to take him as far as I can too. I leave the bathroom door open just enough so my husband can see just what he asked for. His wife getting ****** right in front of him, I'm absolutely in ecstacy now, so horny there is no turning back. He is sitting on the bed by the door, there are two in our room. The Gulf sea breeze ruffles the curtains, but the moon is not out, so my man is going to get and hear a perfect front row seat of this black man enjoying his wife. Mark keeps kissing me, and we are standing between beds, and slow dancing. My anticipation is overpowering. One, becaus this big tall black stranger is about ready to have me, and two, my husband is just outside those sheers, with his own **** begging to explode. This is a natural high! Finally, I have to see the bulge I've been looking at, and rubbing on for the last two hours. I want the sex to be in front of my husband, but I don't mention anything to Mark, he still doesn't know my husband  was the same man watching him feeling me up right in front of him on the dance floor. I back up, and sit on the window bed, still holding his hands, god, there huge! He slowly unbuttons his shirt, and I help him pull it out of his pants. My mouth is watering so much, I have to swallow every few seconds. I undo his pants and reach inside, we are right at the foot of the bed, three feet from the sheers. My man couldn't get closer without eating me. My reward is immense. I'm absolutly  in heaven. He has no hair anywhere, just all muscle, his balls are beautiful and tight. I suck them and lick them too. My mouth, and now my ***** are soaked. His **** is juist how I like them, about halfway hard. I love to lick and suck on a man's **** when it's getting ready like that. His **** is fat, even soft, it's about 7 inches semi-soft. I gauge it and realize it's 10 inches plus hard. Easy. As I slide the head of his **** over my lips and tongue, I look out at the cigarette, and can make out a faint shadow of my husband watching. I love him to be insanely hard, watching this stranger about to enjoy  his *****. Mark groans, and I'm right, his ******* **** is enormous. He stands me up and presses it against my belly. He tells me he likes panties too, and pulls them off my ***** to the side. I only keep one little hair patch on my mound, otherwise, it's smooth as silk. Mark stabs his tongue on my ****, flickering back and forth on my lips. I have my first ******. I sit up and pull him sideways on the bed and hover over his ****. I'm over him up on my knees, facing straight out the window. I cant help but saying oh god, as he eases the head into me. I know my husband can see my little ***** lips folding back to accept this hard, black. python. Mark pushes the head in and out, I'm whispering for him to, begging him. My husband can hear us talking, but doesn't understand what were saying unless a laugh, or giggle. I know he is jealous and hard as possible, so I lean back into Mark and he pushes some more big **** in me. He starts slowly, each time I get more of this fat ******* stalk. I'm telling him to take it, to do whatever he wants to me, just give me his ****. I'm lost in getting long-dicked now. All I can think about is letting this big hung ****** jam his meat in me. I come again, and again. After at least a half hour, Mark gets up on his knees and lays me on my back, my head is on the pillow, on the bed, but he is holding my *** a foot or more off the bed. He drapes my thighs over his, and rough-***** me, hard this time. I ride him for all I'm worth, he's bull-******* me now, pushing and pumping into me deep, if feels like his **** is hitting my belly. With a loud grown, I can feel his **** pulsate, stronger, and harder. It pulsates faster and faster. He holds my thighs tight to his when I feel his ***** hitting my ***** like a jet. It feels like buckets of it. My ***** becomes instantly sloppy. My husband can seehis ***** being forced out of my ***** as this big black meat pushes in me. His **** is making loud sucking noises now, my ***** sucking and popping each time he pulls it out. I've told him during our lovemakin he can use me anywhere, that was part of the deal for him to come to my room. He walks on his knees until he's over my face, and Has me finish draining the rest of his seed in my mouth. There is come everywhere, all over his **** abd balls. I continue to suck on it until I cant taste any more ***, and I lick his balls clean, and suck his big meat until it's polished again. My ***** is swollen and is oozing *** out. We collapse for a moment. Him with his ****, which is impressive soft, laying right in front of my lips. I lick it some more for him. I turn on my side and pull my foot up so my ***** is facing my husband. Now he can see it with my lips and mound covered in this mans *****. I get some on my finger and lick it for him. I want him to sit there and watch another mans *** drain from my *****. For a **** like that, I'd worship That big **** . My phone rings and I know who it is. He can't stand it anymore. Mark dresses, and I tell him I'll call in a little while, or the morning. I go out on the small patio nude, whored and rode hard, dripping between the legs, my legs weak from riding Marks fat ****. I put my husbands **** in my mouth and ***** hits the back of my throat in 5 seconds. I lay down and relax while I get the ***** and my ***** juice eaten out. I come again. After we relax for a little while, I get to play with my husbands ****, after I get him horny, I tell him Mark wants me to come up. I also tell him Mark like to wake up and get sucked and ****** in the morning He askes me about the other guy who gave me his room # at the bar before Mark came over. That guy saw me go sit and dance with Mark too. I lean over to the phone and he answers, hello?.....................C

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What a perfect story...congrats..

That is so hot! We have talked about setting up the exact same scenario, I cant wait now!

Fantastiic! You certainly know how to tell a great story. Looking forward to more from you.
As for the "meat" of the story - well, three consenting adults enjoying life to the
fullest without any hesitqtion, is a rare dish to be savored when served. Keep it up - pun
intended. kwikfox .

We have gone out and I have watched my wife flirt with and get played with by another man. It is fun watching the men do what they want to with no resistance from my wife. We both love it and we have never had a guy, once he found out I was there and that we were married, who didn't want to **** her in our bed. That is how we have gained male friends we still see and who still **** my wife..

great story luv all the juicy detail

Hubby and I have the same kind of nite in the Poconos once and we have repeated when on vacation Since I have been married to my 2nd hubby I have been with multiple male partners all with his consent. This does nothing but makes our relationship firmer and better than ever. Some women say they will never get married again I'm married and still get to play thee field when we want too. Just a great relationship is what we have. There has to be ever lasting long for that to go on and still be together.

What a hot time had by all. I really enjoy reading your stories and thanks for sharing!!!

Scenes like that have happened to us on several occasions. It never fails to end up with a well f*cked wife and satisfied husband. Whether black or white, she always seems able to find a guy who is at least over 8 inches and thick. Her theroy is the guys packing impressive packages always seem to let her know by rubbing it against her where she can't miss it.

Thanks so much for that story it has my wife and I smoking and headed for the Bar tonight maybe wil have a simular story to tell we've got I fingers crossed. Hope to here more from you..

C.....this is so beyond just sexy! It is just wicked HOT! Thank you for hsaring this well written and absolutely steamy post!