I've always been a bit curious.  I've been caught wanking by hotel maids in the hotel on several occasions and I want to know if you have ever walked in on a guy doing his thang or maybe just naked.  What were your thoughts?  Did you wish you could have stayed and watch?  Did you stay and watch? 

My follow-on question is what would a guy need to do in order to get a permissive "caught".  What I mean is that after being caught a couple of times I found that I am turned on by the idea of being caught and I think I would like to do it again but I don't know how.  I feel like I should slip the maid a note in the room or in the hallway, of course letting her know in advance so both she and I can act surprised.  Perhaps another maid could be there as well.  Anymore I get so turned on by the thought of being walked in upon by a group of women.  There is the surprise factor, but I think the idea that she knew and I knew makes it even that much more exciting, and if she is there with a colleague or a friend... wow!  It goes over the top.

Any thoughts?  Ideas? Stories?


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1 Response May 8, 2012

To you're first question on the thoughts of walking in on people. We'll first thought is why the hell didn't they answer when I knocked, second thought I'm making other maid knock next time~

LMFAO!! Dude like omg haha so funny. I'm a maid at hotel, ya me and the girls have walked in on plenty of people. But seriously dude you think just some random hotel maids gonna make your fantasy come true is freaking funny.

Hey Lopogirl,

Thanks a ton for your response. So would you knowingly enter a room if you knew what the guy was doing? There have been times when I have legitimately not heard the knock at the door, having just gotten out of the shower, etc. I have noticed hotel maids don't wait a long time between the knock and opening the door. If you walked in on a guy and knew he wasn't aware you were watching would you stay and watch?