We Always Pee In Hotel Rooms.

I always avoid peeing in the toilet when in a hotel room. I would rather pee in a corner, up against the wall and curtains, or over the armchair. If I have a girlfriend with me she will usually just squat and pee on the carpet. If the room has two beds we will sleep together in one of them and pee over the other. I have one girlfriend who enjoys sitting over the arm of an armchair and peeing on the cushion. Another girl used to pile all the spare pillows into the bottom of the wardrobe and use that as her toilet.
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This sounds so erotic, but how do you avoid getting a cleaning bill?

I always **** in hotel rooms, in bed, on the pillows, all over the curtains, I point my di*ck at the curtains and spray in a back and forth motion to wet as much of them as I can get, I like putting all the pillows together on the rug and jumping on them face down and **** on them to make sure they all get nice and soaked, one night I even took my pocket knife with me and cut a small hole in one of them and stuck my di*ck in it and pissed so the whole pillow would absorb it, and I like to lay on the rug face down and **** so the rug gets soaked and **** gets absorbed deep into the foam underneath and no matter how much they shampoo it the smell of urine will always be there, and I like to walk around the room naked and **** leaving trails of urine for people to step in, and I love going in the bathroom and ******* on the toilet paper until it gets so soaked that **** is running off of it like Niagara Falls leaving a nice yellow puddle on the floor, and spray the seat and **** on all the towels, sometimes the urge to pee in a hotel room gets so strong that I have to rent a room just to satisfy my needs. I feel like the maid has to clean the room any way

You are a disgusting pig. Do any ******* thing you want in your own home, but don't inflict this **** on other people, you selfish and low-class asswipe.

I love what you are doing, I have done it to sometimes, I love to make a mess for the cleaning lady, I love to destroy things with my pee.

So awesome. my gf loves ******* on things too. i like the pillow cupboard thing; i've done it just into the cupboard and draws, but never padded with pillows. Ever peed in the sink and left it? its hot

Lucky man how do you find girls like that!?

you'd be surprised how many girls are into stuff like this. my own beloved gf is, in her own words, a filth loving nympho ****

I've alway urinated in hotel room, especially on the floor and cusions.