Taking A Page From Autumnpeach

This usually isn't my thing, but I had an experience like this that turned out to be fun. I had to do a stretch at work where I couldn't really be away, so I expensed a cheap motel to sleep and shower at.  Halfway through this hell week, a friend of mine expressed interest in ******* me.  She was leaving the state, I'm in a few open relationships, it's all good.  We ****, and she's happy, and I'm happy, and afterwards she's in the bathroom cleaning up and the urge hits. 

Guys will know what I mean.  After sex, you gotta ****.  Badly.  This particular hotel is the type where the sink is outside the bathroom.  Since I'm not inclined to run outside naked to relieve myself, I hit the sink and just start ******* away.  I mentally compliment myself on having good aim, and then the door opens up and my lady friend is standing there watching me, butt naked, relieving myself into a sink.  And I can't stop at all.

She smiles and looks me over.  "Well, if I was taking too long..." Her eyes go down to see my penis emitting a thick golden steam.  Her smile turns weird, and then she grabs my ***.  I start hitting the mirror, the counter, all out of shock and delight and downright confusion.

I just hit one of her little fetishes.  And by the way I was pushing out my stream to get ready to get nice and ready for her, too.

Finally, I'm empty and it tapers off into a little arc that dribbles on the floor.  She tells me to clean up and get ready again, because she's far, far from done with me.  And after using some towels that immediately go into the bathtub, I have another wild round of passionate sex.

She left in the middle of the night to sleep in her own bed, and after I walked her to the door, I looked at myself in the mirror.  And then peed in the sink again.  No hands, nearly on target.  I couldn't stop thinking of AutumnPeach.  Again, not my thing, but an interesting experience to be sure of.
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Sep 17, 2012