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I might as well start the true story of my conversion with my wife about this, it started about three or four years ago (I have been thinking about it a lot longer) at first she said I was mad and was very upset with me, I would raise the topic any chance I had, when watching a movie, reading a story in the paper or a mag, over the past two years my wife has gone through a hard time, she started going through the chance of life, for any man that has been in my position you can understand how the woman is always going through a lot of differant mood changes most of the times from bad to worst, Iadies I know it must be a lot worst for the person going through the changes, during that time she also had a heart attack which I was very close to looseing her, this realy ****** up her mind, thinking that she might have another one at any time, Thank god that is behind her now and she is back to herself no mood swings life is good, So into the now, my wife has never been one to show herself off always wore a bra, no see through dress or tops, over the past couple of weeks I have told her to not wear a bra when we go out (she always tells me she hates to wear them, when it is hot she hates it even more) last weeks we went out we were getting ready at the same time, I could see she put out her sexy red bra to wear, she was also wearing a dress that was low cut, and loose fitting I went to lock the back door and get ready to leave when I went back into the bed room I could see that the red bra was back on the bed, she just looked at me and said ti was too hot to ware one, we went out for dinner and drinks I pointed out all the guys looking at her, she would bend down and guys could see down the top of her dress, so ******* hot, the young man that brought over our meals and drinks had a good look all night, she never tried to cover up it was great, we had great sex that night, I asked her how she felt about doing it and she said it had been a long time since she had felt that sexy,

I know this might sound like a very small thing, but if you knew her you would understand how big a step it is, I can only hope it keeps going from here, I hope you took time to read all of this and I will like to read your thoughts, lets get this group going
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My wife was about the same when we started 30 years ago about 10 years ago she stop wearing panties, except for work and that time of the month. 2 years ago for over 25th wedding anv. we went to Heido and spent a week naked and sex on the beach she saw every one else there doing it and it was no big deal no pressure from any one to do anything you did not want to do, but offers were there. Now she is a lot more open we hot tube nude with friends she demands for sex and she locks and unlocks my CB a lot more and likes doing it now. She wants to go back and do it again .

Good luck man. I am on the same journey......

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Hust play it cool and say how pleased you are to show her off and how many men noticed her? Flattery is "gold" to many women! Mine took 42 years, and then dove right in and that was in looking back, no regrets? We are both thrilled she has a regular lover twice a month for weekends and we also do 3sums and we swing with another local couple our age and their adult daughter and son-in-law, who are late 30s and she enjoys ALL the men fully and I love it!

You're doing well, let it happen with soft encouragement, you might get far luckier than you think? Good luck, good story!