Hotwifing Topic 3: Can He Really Love His Wife?

Can He Really Love His Wife? Some women wonder how a man that really loves them could want them to be involved with another man in an intimate way. Some would doubt that it's even possible. On one hand it's easy to understand why a woman would think that, because she has certain preconceived ideas about what a relationship strictly exists of. On the other hand, there are many assumptions that could be causing a woman to feel doubtful.

Women often think that it's just another perverted thought for a man to want his wife to be with another man, and of course it can be, but it is really more than that for most men who contemplate this.

With a husband that truly would want his wife to be somewhat intimate with another man, he is most often expressing his desire to see her experience new feelings and pleasure, that is hopefully a turn-on for all, and an enhancement to their relationship. Knowing or watching his wife enjoy the company of another man is just a great feeling of fulfillment for many men. And, the fact that they want to share this desire openly with their wives is something that women should ponder.

There are men (and women) that have secret or open desires to do a lot of things where one might question their spouses love. It is is all about the motivation and reasoning for those things. A man who trusts his wife with another man is not doing so for just a thrill, but it is also about being free and honest with his wife, and the enjoyment of sharing something special.

Many men love, respect and trust their wives so much, that they just can't help wanting other men to experience that in some way. It is a great compliment at the very least, when a husband feels his wife is so attractive that other men would desire her.

Even if a woman never chooses to act on her husbands desire, it is good for her to know and accept the way he feels, because she will always be a Hotwife to him regardless.

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We have to be partying(up) that's when it all happens. But sober not really. Gots to be flying

Man! another very nicely written article ! loving it

Interesting thoughts ! Good to know !

In my case, I truly love my wife very much, even more than when we were monogomous. Our lives just got much more exciting. It was my wife that led us into this lifestyle, and it was a start that almost ended our marriage; however, since then our marriage has just gotten better.

Same here but that's why we had substance use that helped alot