Back At It - Adding Another Well-endowed Man

So she comes back from St. Martin, and still has not provided any details and took a break from the well-hung cop boyfriend for a couple days. At the donut shop yesterday, one of the soccer coaches (coached one of daughters), catches up with me in the parking lot and told me about rumor going around that my wife sleeping with one of the cops. I said, yes, that is true and that I am sharing her because she likes bigger men. He said yeah I heard that you had issues down there and would he mind if he had sex with her because she is fine. I said that is not up to me and that if he is well-hung he might have a chance because the cop was huge. He assured me that he could meet her requirements.

So I told her about it when I got home and she said that she thought he was cute and that if he is well-hung that she would be more than happy to accommodate him. So I gave her his number and she called him and arranged to come over dinner. So I made dinner and left so that they could **** and came back when she texted me. I got back and went up stairs and she was lying in bed. She said to clean her up. It took forever to lick out all the *** that drained into her. She said that he got so excited to **** her he came twice and tried a third time when she told him that she loved his big **** her and I would be licking her clean as soon as he left (great). When I asked if I could **** her she said no that her ***** was sore from him ******* it with his man sized **** (which surprised me a little because we had an agreement) and she would help me ******** after I washed the sheets. She said she had never been with a latino guy and for a much shorter guy (she is 5'10 and he is 5'7", he was pretty well endowed and that she would continue to **** him. He was very polite and asked if they could do it again soon.

I told that the word is out that she is ******* everyone and she said expected that since everyone knows I have a small ****.
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Jul 21, 2012