How Dare Them

I used to be on a writing site called Author's Den.  There was a blog place and I would go there and send messges here and there.  Several of the people there were making really bad comments about the military and the country (my son was in Iraq at the time and one told me they hope he got shot - he did, but survived)  Well, I messaged them and told them they were dead wrong and so forth (no threats or profanity although I told one that if they fell over dead I surely wouldn't cry)  The participants told me that if I didn't stop messaging themthey would get me thrown off the site because one of their sons ran the site.  I got a call the next day from a young man.  We discussed the situation and he told me he was making some new rules.  I said okay - I would abide by whatever the rules were.

The day after that I got a call from another person who was irate.  He told me that I had no right to message anyone and tell them they were wrong.  I told him that deomocracy was founded on freedom of speech and that as long as I did not threaten or curse anyone there I had a right to say what I pleased.

He used this ananlogy:

Hiim --suppose you were walking down the street and someone was making a speech , that you didn't like.  They are standing on the corner downtown.  What would you do?

I told him that if the speech were bad enough I would get a soap box and go on the other corner (depending on the local laws) and state my case.

He told me no - that I should go away and not say anything to anybody because the guy who was there first had the right to say what he wanted and no one had the right to say he was wrong.

I told him he was an idiot and he told me he was throwing me off the site.  Well, if I am a member of anything I will speak my mind.  To me freedom of speech goes both ways.  Both the speaker and the listener have rights. 

How dare them?  No - I wouldn't want to stay on a crap site like that anyway.

levin60kitty levin60kitty
3 Responses Dec 18, 2008

hank you guys. I just assumed that the second guy that called was the son of one of those I talked to there. Thank you for the good words about my son - He is slated to go back to Iraq or Afghanistan in March. His first tour was a heavy truck driver, this time he is going as an Registered Nurse. 1Lt Charles D. Walker.

Good job levin. Please let your son know how grateful I am.

4th Amendment rights. God bless your son.