I like my music and have tried to stay on top of my favorite artists by supporting their tours, movies and releases. Back in 1983/1984 life was pretty good. It was a great time for music and sports. The Los Angeles Raiders were in the playoffs and Bowie had re-released a Ziggy Stardust movie!!!

On my Friday day off, I was going to race down to the LA Coliseum, grab my playoff tickets, then go with a pal to the late showing of the Bowie movie. I borrowed my bro-in-law's truck, raced down to the box office and picked up the tix... I had a blast in his truck, it was a 4x4 that I whipped there and back, just like a kid with a new toy.....

I gave him back his keys and took care of some other matters as I waited to get together with my pal later on that evening.

During this time, quaaludes were in vogue - an alternative to drinking booze to get loopy? My pal would pick up a few and we'd party when we went out....that night he had a few extras - he gave me one and told me that had more, if I was interested...I took one right before we went into the theater - I passed on the second pill, I didn't need it, I was tired. I worked the evening shift at the time and had been up early to get my tickets so a second 'lude wasn't really going to make a difference.....
We went to the box office, I handed him my money and he picked up those tickets as I stood over to the side with both hands in the pouch of my hooded sweatshirt....

We got into the theater - it was one of the newest multiplex theaters in Beverly Hills. Nice, new and pretty upscale? The flick was great! But towards the end I was beginning to fade a little. I got up, went to the BR to take a leak and to splash a little water on my face!

I came back into the theater and the last song was Rock and Roll Suicide.....as the movie ended we began to walk out and the doors to the room were the double doors with the little window built in so you don't have to open the door to peek inside......I was bopping and singing when I looked over to the door- someone was holding it open and lookind thru the little window,

I made eye contact with him and he blurted out, "THAT'S HIM!!!!" Huh? WTF are you ranting about??

At that moment I felt someone take his arm and put it around my neck and grab my left arm and pull it behind and up my back. A voice whispered in my ear to relax and not to fight?
I looked across the hall and saw two LAPD officers standing there looking at me. Well, Thank god they are there, I am getting mugged?

When I looked to my right, the person that grabbed me was a huge black cop. (I'm not a small guy, some people have mistaken me for a pro ball player before?) I went with the flow and was cuffed and put up against the wall and searched.
I was thinking, How the Eff did they know it was me driving the streets of LA like a maniac???? That wasn't the reason I was being held......they then asked me what I hand done with the gun I had.
I don't usually carry a wallet so, this make the cops MORE suspicious.......I started to laugh and then looked down the hallway to another set of doors where it's the same set up, little windows on double doors. The cops are shutting the doors and my pal is saying WTF is going on, and calling my name. I looked over at him and knowing he is holding two more 'ludes, I tell him to GTFO of there, I'll be OK...

So, there are about 6 cops there and they area asking me about my 'gun' and I am laughing - I tell them I don't have a gun and I'll ***** down if they don't believe it. The go back into the theater and search the eff out of the place.

In the mean time, my friend is back, trying to look thru the windows on the door to see what is going on. The cop is on his radio trying to get some info on me and he is having problems because of the building not letting him get a signal back.

Here I am, on 'ludes, laughing and thinking that I am going to have to go to the station to clear this up.

Eventually, the cops searching the theater come out and tell the other cop they didn't find anything. The cop that cuffed me did get an all-clear on his radio and I am being un-cuffed and being apologized to. I just laugh and start to walk out of the area when I see my pal walking back to the area where I had been. He's breathless and asking me "What happened?" Knowing he had the pill in his pocket, I told him, "let's GTFO of here, ASAP".

As were are walking out he tells me to wait, he dropped the 'ludes into the trashcan and wants to get them! I told him to keep walking, I'd pay him for the loss - I didn't want to have the cops walking past the two of us looking into a trashcan for some pill?

As we walked out I was trying to figure out what has just happened......

Then I remembered standing off to the side with my hands in the pocket so my sweatshirt - the guy that called the cops and had IDed me was the idiot in the box office! I guess I looked like a thug to him......

Anyway, whenever I hear R&R Suicide, I think about Ziggy and the fact that if I HAD taken that extra 'lude and put in into my pocket, I probably would have gone to jail!!!!

Damn that Ziggy Stardust!!!!

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Ur a douche bag

LOL, well thank you. It's nice to be noticed by someone who shares the same kind of douchery. So what kind of prayers do you live on and why did you steal the name of a good song to promote such an unimportant being like you are?

So, where did you hide the gun?

in my pants.