Not Exactly Sure How It All Started.

I joined this community a month ago. It is mind boggling. There are millions of people in this thing so it is almost a random process who one picks  as friends. I suppose there are certain experiences that we have in common and then when u contribute to those threads people kinda get to know you. There's a certain trepidation that sending an invite might be rejected. That would be too harsh. Just know that I have met some insightful people so far and no doubt there are many more out there.

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8 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I was thinking about this same thing. You can find people that have a list of things in common with you with very little effort. I find it all fascinating.

Then why haven't u added me? :-(

Stevester, I usually add people based on whether or not I like their stories.

BaskitCase! You think too much!!! :)<br />
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Just add them and then think about it later.<br />
<br />
I'm joking...(kind of!)....but maybe they just simply like you.

I wasn't aware we were sending invites! I don't like it when I add someone as a 'favourite' author and then they add me back right away. They can't all be fans of my writing already can they? ..and if they were, then why didn't they say earlier? I have left people (even with cute avatars) un-added for weeks, just coz I'm not gonna lie on clicking the 'favourite' button. Gotta be honest here.

Well AK47 I agree ur experiences are pretty out there and i like that. Ur right of course if it's all stardust them of course the person isproably bogus. I like this place because it gives me a meduim to write about things that otherwise wud never be heard. It might all be bollocks but it's my bollocks.

I just joined. Isn’t this site for people to share their experiences anonymously? <br />
So people can be more open to share lesser traits. Things they won't share with family/friends. When I come across a profile with only happy experiences its like a fake personas.

I think you are right, it's more like who crosses your same experiences and shares your idea. I am happy that I found a good friend like you.<br />
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I have been rejected by some, but it is worth to try.