i was 11 and i had a baby sitter who was 15. I had a huge crush on her. She had a great body and amazing red hair. One night i was in my room ************ over a picsure of her when she came in and caught me Wanking over her pic. She was shocked at first answer walked off clearly embarrassed. I sat in my room thinking she hated when she came in and sat next to me. She told me she didn't hate me she was just shocked and that we were still friends. Then she placed her hand on my thigh and moved it up to my crotch. We made out while she ****** me off. I then put my hand down her pants and stroked her ****** untill she came
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Damn man.What happened after that. Did she tell your parents about what she saw.

What the **** was she doing in ur house and u masturbrating when she's there bullshit!

She was babystitting and i thought the door was locked. Glad it wasn't now