The Longest I've Done

Usually it's the other way around but I actually seduced my father. I had had sexual experiences prior with my brother, and female friends. And then later with my mother. We decided that it was time my father got involved. He was a little dubious at first but very soon got into it. . . taking it upon himself to **** me whenever he was horny. . . which was allot. . .

I remember a three hour movie (I don't remember much of the movie) in which he ****** me constantly, making me ****** repeatedly until I was begging him to stop. He didn't and after the movie was over he turned his full attention to me. . . and drove me into realms beyond the normal. . . it was a weird mix of pleasure turned. . . not painful but too intense. I had tears streaming down my face and was pulling frantically at his **** to get it out. . . and he drove on. . . finally ******* (a second time) inside me so He had to stop. :P

In the end I think it was a full seven hours of constant sex. . . how he managed it I'm not sure, he always had fast recovery time but not that fast. . .
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

What a **** session, Damn!

If I had my way, and the woman was willing, I would have sex from sun down to sun up. Since I am older and most women I know are also, I've yet to find a willing party to act out that desire.

i think you dont give yourself enough credit. even a spent man would be turned on and sport an erection looking at your lovely body.