I Wish People Would Not Judge Other People and Blam Others For Other People Faults.

I sit on the beanch and some one come up to me and stop fighting with your friend.

And to tell you the truth the friend I have has been fighting with me for years and I finally come out my shell and they think I am fighting.

I am trying to tell how I feel and be kind about it.

And I guess they are not use to telling how I feel about things and how I feel about some things in my life.

And I do it in weird way .Because I dont no how to do it .But I get it done.

And other  people judge people and what they have done.

I hate a pereson doing that.

Every one makes mistake .

And I am not good all the time.

I am seen that all the time and to me when they don't think I do right.Come and judge me.

I thought I write about it to day.

How I feel.

Other people quit judgeing and think some it is there fault all the time and make them a scape goat.All the time.


lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Feb 16, 2007