Who's To Say? Random Thoughts.....

I joined this group. Who's to say how slutty or not slutty someone is? It's a matter of an individual's idea of what constitutes slutty. I like to give head. In fact, I like it a lot. I believe I'm good at it too. Is it slutty to like it so much? Does that qualify me? What about being curious about other women? Let's face it, the female body is gorgeous....I'd love to have a beautiful woman get me off. Especially if it turns on my man to watch and join in. Does this make me a ****? What if I confessed that I have a fantasy of being used and taken whenever and wherever. Does that count? How about this: I would love to be hired by a married man as a sexual instructor for his wife. I would be teaching her to embrace her sexuality. I would teach her not only technique, but would also reshape many of her thoughts. Ok, this desire has got to influence my level of sluttiness! What about wearing sleazy lingerie? What about self pleasure? What about ****** and other kinds of toys? What about piercings? Tattoos? Does having a tattoo make someone slutty? Does it depend on where it is? Or what it is? What if I told you I want to have sex in a bar on a pool table? What if I told you I'd already done that? Would you believe me? Am I slutty if I don't wear underwear? All these thoughts are randomly popping into my head. There's so much more, I simply cannot type that fast.
Likkmee Likkmee
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Bravo,.... yes enquiring minds do want to know.

nope you are not a **** you are just loving life and thats awsome

Whether you are slutty or awesome or gorgeous depends upon the person who is passing this comment and the situation that you are in. Yo me you are a gogeous woman who has an excellent pair of twins and I adore them..

Awesome, fun, sexual, horny, free...yes<br />
<br />
Slutty... it depends... but not for me...<br />
<br />
Maybe yes if we bump into each other at this bar... and you out of nowhere just grab my erection when I peek up your miniskirt... yes a slutty act of a hot classy lady...<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

"Property of Hell's Angels" tattooed above your ***** is usually a pretty good **** barometer.

I don't have one of those !

well i would love to be at ur side dear forever ,pls if u r sluttty then i think it could be my pleasure to have have u my side n keep u arose all the time day n night .

Its a state of mind, and I LOVE the way you think!!! More women should think like you we'd cut the divorce rate down to nothing!!<br />
I am thinking about taking you up on your marriage counseling services!!! Seriously!

Very good point you have Likkmee there is no test that would define any person whit some accuracy on that subject that is why i never do this stupid test i believe that people do that just for fun

you can borrow me

One movie I like (Definitely, Maybe) quoted this:<br />
<br />
What's the boy word for '****'? <br />
They still haven't come up with one yet. But I'm sure they're working on it. <br />
<br />
They need to have an acronym for ****...all it means is something enjoyable you enjoy...<br />
Glad your enjoying it....

It's always fun to enjoy things that are enjoyable and fun.

your not slutty...your just awesome!!!

Thanks :)