Drunken Nights.

So, i'm kind of struggling with my current boyfriend due to the fact that he's moved away; I need to finish college until we can move somewhere together. We're trying to stay close and talk regularly, but i'm having trouble being loyal not being able to see him very often. So, this guy that I used to mess around with a couple of years ago has been trying to get in contact with me; but unfortunately I know what he wants. Yesterday night he decided to call me and tell me that he was half way to my house and that we were going to play beer pong with him and a couple of friends? I knew from the start that this wasn't a very good idea, because i'm a mindless idiot when i'm drunk. (This might get a little graphic) He came over; we went into my basement and set everything up, played for a little while. (enough for me to get pretty ******* drunk) Until he asks me where my bathroom in my house was? I thought he was serious, so I went upstairs with him and he says "I don't really need to use the bathroom" and pretty much forces me into my room..you can imagine. I feel disgusting. Not too sure what to do. It's not like I was pushing him away.

babygirlllx babygirlllx
Mar 7, 2010