How the Wife Got Rid of the Mistress

A couple of stories I've read recently on EP prompted me to share this one.  It didn't happen to me, but to one of my best girlfriends.

My friend learned from her husband that he was having an affair.  My friend thought long and hard about this, and decided that she did not wish to lose her husband at this stage in her life.  So off she went to visit the Other Woman, and she said,

If you want my husband, you can have him.  I won't stand in anybody's way.  BUT if you're going to take my husband, then you get everything that comes with him.  I haven't done anything wrong in this marriage, so I am not going to be the one left alone with no money struggling to raise a family by myself.  You will get him, the big mortgaged house, four children under eight, and all his debts, and I am going to get my own job and my own apartment and I am not going to feel one bit of remorse about getting another guy. Think about it.

Then she went home.  It was all bluff, of course, but Other Woman and hubbie didn't know that.  The Other Woman dropped the husband pretty quick, and he is still with my friend.  I thought she handled it brilliantly. 

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

WOW! Your friend fought hard for her family, didn't she? Good for her. It's really easy to walk away instead of fighting.

Good point! Hahaha. But they are still together.......