Nowadays electronic cigarettes become more and more popular in our lives. Many people use it because it is more healthy than traditional cigarettes. But lots of us still didn't very clear about this product and its functions. So how to choose the right e-cigarette? Here are several parts need to be attention hope they are helpful for you:

1. Out of the smoke. The whole structure design of electronic cigarettes, air inlet, air flow channel. Excellent electronic cigarettes design can guarantee the smoke volume is larger, and second, can guarantee the quantity of smoke is stable. Second, the merits of the atomizer. The function of the atomizer is atomization effect, is the core component of electronic cigarettes, an excellent electronic cigarettes, there must be a good atomizer. Shenzhen atomizer is the best.

2. Battery life length. Cells associated with e cig atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of an electronic cigarette is good.

3. The appearance of electronic cigarettes. Good product, it looks fresh and tight design, exquisite workmanship, can give a person a kind of pleasure, help to successfully quit smoking.

4. Taste. Now taste mainly marlboro taste, the original is for the leaves. Taste is the defect of the electronic cigarette, no against domestic adjustment liquid smoke taste, appear behind what the Chinese taste, is deceiving. It is better to smoke marlboro taste closer to the true. And mint taste and flue-cured tobacco, fruit flavors general ms is preferred.

5. Production origin. Shenzhen production quality electronic cigarettes is electronic cigarettes wholesale can't than elsewhere, shenzhen as the established electronic cigarettes origin of foreign trade, its products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. So, the quality is guaranteed. Behind the emergence of many products in wenzhou, the use of family workshop, is take the low-priced, only in order to occupy the market, the customer reflect, quality was really bad. But for the domestic market, perhaps at a low price is always right. But, when you pay the freight cost, the cost of shopping, cost, effect after the cost - low price is always wrong.

Shenzhen founded in 2006, is a technology integrated company which specializes in R&D, manufacture, sale and service of electronic cigarette. Since our establishment, we have focused on developing electronic cigarette. Source:

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