Pee At The Beach

I was at the beach with my roommate and we had been drinking beer all day long. I knew I'd have to pee at some point, but I waited until I had to go to figure out where I'd go. Well, the current of the river was incredibly strong, so no one actually goes swimming in there except close to the shore line. I mentioned to my roommate I had to pee and she laughed. We were sitting in the sand with our feet in the water. I told her I would just go right there. I started peeing and it made a little river of pee flowing into the big river and I knew that it was flowing by other people's feet and legs. I showed her my pee stream, too! I loved just thinking about it! I can't wait to do it again!!
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I like your interest in peeing, it's an interest of mine too. Do you enjoy having men watch you pee? Do you enjoy watching men pee? Anything about peeing you'd like to chat with me about? You might enjoy my EP blog entry all about men peeing. Let me know what you think.

I couldn't message you.

Very sexy and fun ;)

What a hot story<br />
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I had a similar experience when I was younger. Me and my sister (I was 14 she was 16) were playing in the swimming pool, and we were the only ones.<br />
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I kept dunking my sister in the pool and she said she would pee on me if I did it again. Of course I dunked her again..and she said "Okay that does it, I'm going to pee on you next chance I get" I got out and was lying by the pool and I dared her to do it. <br />
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She came over and straddled me...sitting on my chest. she looked around and all of a sudden she started peeing through her bikini...I could feel the warm liquid coming over me, ans soon I could see the stream gushing out of her bikini! It was so hot I'll never forget it.

That is very hot. I had a similar experience while walking in the woods with girl when she said se really needed to pee. Well I didn't need to really bad but said I did to. I pulled my shorts and briefs down to my ankles, got into a sitting position as if in a chair with my back against a tree. She took off her shorts &amp; panties then sat on my legs facing me. We both let loose with streams of pee when she reached down and aimed my penis up at here so I peed on her kitty while she was peeing. It was very exciting. She loved holding my penis while I was peeing and did it a number of times after that.

My gf and I do that all the time, it's great fun! Sometimes she sits on top of me so we can share, or we lie sleepy-soggy-smiling on our towels, sometimes she just stands in her soggy-bulging bikini or a dripping wetsuit! She has kneeled-knickerless and hosed a puddle from under her long dress, squatted on the grass near the sand in the long dress, even stood peeing in knee-deep water while talking to a passerby! I wish he'd brought his gf along for me to watch! ;-P

I love to pee at the beach, I live in Florida.

How delightfully mischievous!

I was wearing my bikini and just peed through it, and I let it pool around my crotch and butt. It good!! My roommate watched, too! There were a lot of people around as I peed and I loved it! Thanks for reading my story!

Just how did you pee? What were you wearing? Did you just sit there and pee through your clothes? C'mon! Desperate people want to know!<br />
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Lovely story ;-)