Couldn't Help Myself...

On my route home from school there is a small path which I often use as a shortcut. There are houses on both sides, however bushes and trees offer shelter from prying eyes.

On this particular day I was particularly desperate for a ****, I hadn't been since 8 that morning and it was about 3.40pm (I'd also been drinking a lot of water throughout the day). As I walked down the path, I had a quick glance round to make sure I was out of view, and then grasped myself between the legs. This provided some relief, but I had a better idea... why not relieve myself right there? I'd never pissed out in the open before and the idea turned me on. But what if I got caught? Just then, a wave of urgency made me bend over and cross my legs, holding my aching **** with both hands. I'd just have to risk it.. I was bursting.

Glancing round, I hurriedly loosened my belt and whipped out my ****. I was already hard, so it took a few seconds to relax enough to start *******. My stream was strong, and lasted a good 20 seconds. All the time I was glancing round, terrified of being seen by someone walking down from either direction, but luckily nobody was in sight. I sighed with relief, and glanced down at the plants I had just soaked. It was a dry day, so it would be obvious to anybody what had happened.

I quickly zipped myself up and carried on walking... just at that moment however, an attractive blonde woman walked around the corner at the end of the path, and passed me a few seconds later. Any sooner, and she'd have caught me, **** in hand, ******* a torrent. I sighed to myself, and wondered if she'd notice the soaking wet plants ;)

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I love your stories....they're all so hot

My parents were avid campers. Peeing in the open has therefore always come naturally for me. In your situation, I would have found some excuse to squat, perhaps admiring a flower, or some other vegetation, and I would have just let go through my panties on the grass. uh, actually, I have done that, many times. hehehe. I'm afraid desperation isn't, or never really has been a problem for me. But I like to see others desperate. That is kinky.

What a nice picture! Wish I'd seen you.