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I like to pee in interesting or unusual places without getting caught but I don't like to wet myself.  I haven't had many opportunities to experiment/explore this.  I would love some suggestions as far as locations and techniques on not getting caught.  I just think that doing something like this would be such an exhilirating experience.

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No panties with a sun dress on. Pee a little in McDonalds, on a seat in someone's car. And as u walk around with that full badder, where ever u get the urge. After a few times u can let a little more out every time;)

whear black pants do it at night during spring/summer on a night jog for your cover story

For me wetting is the whole point. Everything Paulypeeps said, but I always have a panty or two on when I go.

Try wearing dark black pants. That way the wet spot won't show. Also, if you go to the bathroom once after drinking a lot, then the second time you fill up it won't make a smell if you pee in your clothes.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I guess that if you don't want to wet yourself you will just have to wear a short skirt without knickers and sit somewhere to pee. I have done this sitting on grass and sitting on a park bench where my pee just ran away.<br />
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If you don't mind getting a little wet the short skirt and no knickers works well in the cinema or on the train. If you leave your pee to soak in, when you get up there is nothing to see and you will be pretty dry.<br />
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If you don't want to get the seat wet you can always perch on the edge and pee on the floor. this works well in the pub or in a restaurant where you can just sit and pee on the carpet under a table.<br />
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You should try wetting yourself because it will open up a lot more opportunities for you. It will be nice to be standing chatting with someone at the bar and just let your pee run down your legs. I used to not want to wet myself but I got wet once and realised that it is not a problem.<br />
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The important thing about being discrete is to be doing something else while you are peeing as a distraction, check your phone, chat, get your money ready, eat. Never look for the pee - if you don't look for it no one else will. Once it is out it is gone.