Dress Nicely And Misdirect

If you want to pee discretely it is always best to be dressed for it. A skirt is pretty essential for girls because you do not want to have to undress. I like to be doing something while I am peeing so that no one thinks that I might be peeing. If I am in a restaurant I will pee under the table while I am eating, in the club I pee while being served at the bar, on the train I pee while checking my phone.

There is really nowhere that you can't pee with a little thought and planning.


Paulypeeps Paulypeeps
6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Awesome! Don't stop peeing in public! :)

wanna go to dinner sometime?

I agree , distraction is very effective and practice, practice, practice so when you do it in public know how to make it right for you.

I like your attitude. I have several skirts that are perfect for this, even if they get wet, they do not show. Some times it is fun to sit peeing through my panties and wet my slip and skirt too. The right material, prints, or colors and nobody notices a thing.

I like to be able to pee whenever I want wherever I am so I have given it quite a lot of thought, and done rather a lot of practical!<br />
<br />

Seems like you have thought this out pretty well.