How To Look Fabulous Over 40

In the past, when women reached their 40s, they used to dress the part.nowadays, twinsets, cardigans and tweeds no longer fit the bill – today we simply refuse to be condemned to a life of beige and navy, adjustable waistbands and common sense. It would be fair to say that a woman’s style changes with time. But older needn't mean frumpy or unfashionable. A savvy dresser knows how to utilise the hottest trends to knock years off her body and face regardless of her age. With the health and fitness trend - and the popularity of Botox - a lot more women are looking, feeling, thinking and dressing ten years younger than their chronological age, particularly those in their 40s and 50s. Images of Madonna strutting her stuff in the latter stages of her fifth decade, and the stars of shows such as Desperate Housewives have totally changed out attitudes to ageing; instead of growing old gracefully we are facing the advancing years with lashings of glamour. Clothes play a dramatic part in turning back the years. The temptation is to try to hide curves as we grow older when, in fact, it is far more flattering to show them off, irrespective of your size. Don’t be frightened to show off your assets. A bare midriff can look awful, but an open neckline and lots of shapely leg is fantastic. You don't need pots of money to look good either and you don't have to be physically perfect in order to enjoy all the benefits of a great wardrobe. Successful dressing is mostly about attitude, having confidence in what you wear, knowing that it's working for your body. Aim for a wardrobe that is roughly two thirds investment buys (well-made favourites that you keep for a long time) and a third of-the-moment. Don't be afraid to try new shapes and colours, but make sure they are really you. Be wary of anything too prim: the A-line skirt may look better on a 20-something (a stuffy look on a sylph-like body sizzles) than on a 40-something (when it just says 'frump').When it comes to beauty, there are so many mistakes women make as they get older, and the first one is choosing the wrong haircut. Women always think that once they hit their 40s, they should cut their hair off. But the effect is often more mumsy than sexy. A little bit of length is essential is you want to remain feminine, so ditch the man-do ladies. Also, remember that subtle makeup changes are the key to ageing beautifully. With the turn of each decade, makeup needs tend to differ. The glossy bright eyeshadow that looked stunning in your 30s may look harsh and ridiculous in your 40s. With makeup, the rule Less Is More applies. Address problem areas on the face, such as dark circles, broken veins and wrinkles, with a concealer.Keep foundation to a minimum, and switch to a creamy formulation. L'OrÈal's Translucide foundation is sheer, healthy looking, and contains Vitamin C and an SPF12 for protection, E11.59. If you want to look youthful, opt for a pop of pinky peach on your cheeks with a touch of highlighter to give your skin a healthy sheen and try a lighter lip colour such as a soft pink as it is the most flattering on older skins. If you want to make your eyes look younger don’t shade the crease with darker shadow- instead line the lid with a soft brown colour and smudge it so that the line is muted – not severe. This will give you a wide eyed youthful look. Avoid anything glittery or metallic as these textures will only catch in the creases of your eyes – matte eye shadows really work best for older skins. Eyebrows should be filled in with a soft pencil and a neutral shade such as ‘blonde’ at Tesco beauty is perfect for shaping your brows without it looking too aggressive.Follow my tricks and you’ll look at least ten years younger without the knife. Perfect .

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Well said! As an "older" guy, I can assure you that "middle age" women can be very attractive and sexy.Whenever I need a birthday or Xmas present for my wife, I invariably end up at "Forever 21", because I know she will love anything I get there. Now I know the name is just a marketing gimmick, but the idea is sound. If you don't let your age intimidate you, you will always look great and continue to be attractive to us guys, long after you are really 21.

I think women can look like goddesses after 40! They are mature, with experience, yet so full of sexiness! go go go! xx

Good point, Penguin. Makes me wonder how amazing we'll be at 50.

I think women only start to become interesting when they hit 40...

I thought that dress was a float from the Rose Bowl parade :-/

I agree, Cheeky. <br />
I have nice feet. I plan to spend a lot of time barefoot.

It isn't a set of rules so much as it is, an understanding of what is flattering and what is not.

Faucon, Awesome!!!! you Go Girl!!! If you have good Abs, the Pearcing will look like, I would still go with something small just big enough to draw the attention to the ab area but not too big that it will distract. ABS are hard to keep, I say SHOW them OFF !! I do !!<br />
<br />
Lit: it can't be that bad. No matter how you are shaped EVERYONE has good points. show those off with pride.

I'm afraid I don't understand rules ... I neither make nor follow them. Confidence is the key in my opinion.

My abs seem to be absent.

...I think I'll get a new pool bag for summer.

Good tips! I'd like to add one. Especially if you're letting your hair go gray naturally, pay extra attention to whether the color of your clothes enhances or detracts. Wardrobe color palettes make a huge difference.

a bare midriff can be ok as well, under the right conditions... remember the granny swim suit women were expected to wear after 40???? YUCK. if you have decent Ab go ahead and rock that 2 piece suit!! this?

Cocopops, those are good suggestions. I think I was 42 when I finally figured out the right way to use eyeshadow. I think the key is to compliment your eye color.<br />
<br />
I'm with you on the hair, Des. I only have a few greys, but my hair seemed dull. I like Natural Instincts. It covers the grey and seems to enhance your natural color in just 10 minutes.