Factors Of Impacting The Wear Parts Of Ball Mill

Iron casting is the commonly cast iron craft products in iron casting process. As with its quality problem, it is noticeable. The wear part of ball mill generally uses the iron casting. So we have to understand several factors impacting the ductile cast iron as the following:Flotation Machine

The first is the process operation. Formulate rational process operation procedures to improve the technical level of the workers and correctly take the procedure into practice. Control and check the quality of the casting in the manufacturing production.

The second is to possess a reasonable casting process. That is, choose appropriate parting surface and modelling, making the core method, setting up reasonable casting steel, cold iron, take the mouth and pouring system and so on according to the structure of the ductile cast iron, the weight and sizeof wear parts, alloy casting properties and production conditions. To ensure that you get the high quality iron casting.

The third is the quality of raw materials in the casting. If the quality of the raw materials such as metal burden, refractory material, fuel, flux, metamorphic agent, and casting sand, sand binder, coating of the material is substandard, the cast iron piece will produce pinhole porosity, slag, adhering sand and other defects. Which will influence the appearance quality and internal quality of ductile cast iron, or even make the ductile cast iron scrap. With the progress of industry and energy conservation and environmental protection, the request of the number of wear parts and the varieties will also unceasingly expand. The wear-resisting casting parts industry will be a more prosperous industry and it has a stronger vitality. That is why we call the wear-resisting casting parts industry a "immortal industry".

The three factors introduced above is the commonly factors impacting the quality of wear parts of ball mill. And its quality affects its developing in a way.

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May 22, 2012