Three Simple Steps Everyday Improves Your Eyesight Greatly

If someone tells you that you are able to restore your eyesight naturally just by doing simple exercises everyday, do you believe it? No matter whether you believe it or not, there indeed exists a way to improve both myopia and hypermetropia and even some other eyesight problems just by physical michael kors handbagsexercises, and a great deal of people have benefited from it. Here below I'd like to introduce three steps which are believed to correct your faulty vision greatly.
1. Get up early in the morning to expose your eyes to the early sunshine and look at the rays for a while ( This procedure should only be performed in the morning, for the sunshine then is mild and does not offend to the eye. ) and then close your eyes slowly. This procedure should be performed for 10 to 15 minutes. This is the first and also crucial step to guarantee the improvement of eyesight, known as eye sun bath.
2. Prepare a cup of cool water and then apply it on your eyes and blink the eyelids 50 times. If you think it necessary, you can replace another cup of cool water and repeat the same action above. ( Note: when finishing washing your eyes, remember to use a handkerchief to tap lightly your eyes.) This michael kors outletstep is referred as eye water bath.
3. Sit beside a table with your elbows on the surface of it and put your hand gently on the cheek, fingers crossing the both of your eyes and nose bridge ( either right hand or left hand is ok ). Then close your eyes letting michael korsthe light reach your eyes through the fingers. This action should be kept for 10 minutes, known as palming exercise.
Maybe at the very beginning when you perform those procedures, you think they are of no use but a waste of time. However, as it is said that constant dropping wears the stone, nothing is possible to be achieved within a short period of time, so is the see clearly method. If you have persisted to practice those three steps for a month, you probably have experienced an improvement of your eyesight.
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May 10, 2012