How To Wash Long Hair

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I have a hair fetish... so even thin hair can actually look good as it goes across the shoulders.... but this isn't about that. It's more about hair care. A good fetish guy researches hair like he masters degree in it... so you are in luck!

What I have learned is that everyone wants what they don't have. A girl has such thick hair that she wishes it was thinner. A girl who has thinner hair wishes it was thicker... everytime. But, the most important thing is to check to see what your hair does now. Thick hair is harder to comb through... and is harder to control. Thinner hair has a draping effect where is touches the shoulders and the it's weight actually caresses as it lies...


I would recommend "hair and nails." It's a vitamin suppliment that has lots of important stuff for hair growth... especially protein... it makes longer and thicker hair.

Since you have long hair that long... there are certain things you must do to make sure it looks it's best.

Let's start from the bigginning. You are in the shower. Before you step into it, put your hair, yes your hair up and do not let that water hit it! Why? It's too hot for long hair.

Basics: Your hair dead! Yes, every cell in the strand is dead! Completely dead. The only cell that is the one forming in your scalp... and it dies to form another one. So young hair strand is a door nail... meaning what ever you do to it can be perminant. So, no destroying that hair strand.

These strands are formed like scales on a fish... but microscopically... and can open up and release... all the goodies you need... moisture and oils. The oils are sebum... the same thing that makes zits...yuck... but good for your hair... but, pollution and junk and gets in it and... more yuck!

Yet, nature provided for all that you need... that is if you are a cave man and woman who never wash their hair. Orhh.. raghghh... Ohhh... Ugly but... healthy... so we don't do that? No. We wash are hair...

So, what do we do? If you have hair shorter than three inches, a nice hot shower will probably do nothing... but after that... a hot shower is a terrible. You see, ladies? All your heat goes to that thing in your called a womb...and the rest of you is cold... that is why when I sleep next to girl I am pushed off the bed, because she just keeps looking for my heat... And I fall.

So, if this is true, a woman taking a shower, will find a temperature that keeps her warm, which is too hot for her long hair. So, washing it in the shower is a no-no...

Women with long hair should not wash hair in the shower... unless they turn the tempurature down to a much more healthy temperature... "Sounds great!" No. It's cold for you. OK... hot shower cold shampoo or cold shampoo and hot shower? Ah... they don't go together... you will freeze. LOng hair should be washed seperately in a sink... with right temperature.

OK. Now, that you know to wash your hair in a sink... what is the temperature? Did you go stylist to have a trim? Or have your hair cut? Ever ask why the temperature is that temperature? NO. You just think that shampoo girl or guy is just trying to make everyone happy by making luke warm...

Ah... that is the temparture for your hair. Luke warm...

This temperature actually keeps those scales from opening. Yes! Yes! The goodies stay in and come out!

So take shower and keep your long hair up and do hair seperately... becasue it needs it.

Shampoo: let's of types... dry, regular, oily, unleaded, moisturizing.. non- mositurizing, protien enhanced, non-protein-enhanced... laundry detergent grade... Prell...Yuck... Prell... Pure lye soap grade... Sorry? ladies all have detergent in them... or they would not work... that means all in ones and all those products that time consuming... do no good. Oh... they have it in there... can't sell it with out... even the sand paper... but it will do no good. DETERGENT MEANS... nothing sticks... Basic biochemistry!

"But, it that it can work?" Of course they are going to do that! They trying to sell there product! It doesn't work... just use baby shampoo or some gentle stuff... that makes your very long hair squeeky clean... that's it!

Conditioner... now we are talking about something. No dertergents and lot's of goodies. What's in it? Well an oil.. something subum... the oil that comes from your face and scapl... like coconut oil... and protein... dehyrdrated animal protein... just don't ask it came from... next time you run over possum... say, "hello," to your conditioner protein... but, really, anything that is similar to Keritin is good... and, the last major thingy... something hydrate your hair. This is funny... it really is... becasue every single product you put in your hair has glycerine... a molecule that binds water to everything. Extra-hydrating? Ah, there is already glycerine, so what are you talking about?

So, conditioner after a shampoo is good.

1. Rinse your long hair with luke warm water. If your take it... do this for 90 seconds... most of the junk dislodges and falls into the drain... less product needed
2. Use a gentle shampoo
3. Use a quality conditioner that has protein, oils and, well the glycerine is in the product to moisturize your hair...

That's it... all you need.

Hope this helps you...
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1 Response Apr 19, 2012

I guess why I put this down is more about guys and limitations than anything else. We seem to be labeled. At a certain age, we find a taboo. Where guys and girls no longer socialize... becasue society says we are of two sexs and we must be different. Thus, guys tease other guys becasue they associate with girls becasue they are "sissies."

But, how does that help guys? How that help girls?

So, guys become more macho. Masculine to me is being a guy... but a gentlemen with the desire to understand, not only why you like the opposite sex, but, to take the time to understand them.

Girls... find that guys drift away. The guy friends they have leave them... and the other girls might say...stick with the girls. But, I think it is more of a male problem.

So, guys bury their emotions as they have been told from day one... until all they see is hormonal influences with no understanding of what is important. The person behind all of it.

This means that what women find important in their life... some of the things that are not associated with guys... like clothing, make-up and hair will never be important in a guys life. But, is that fair? Is it really fair to a girl, to have a guy who will not even try to understand you as a whole?

You hair is something you have to deal with and try to create for many social reasons. Why is it that guys take a back seat in something that is so basic to you? Wouldn't you feel more appreciated if a guy took interest in what you do... why you do it? Hair can be grudge work for you. But, together it can be a beautiful experience together... if he got involved in hair care on a basic level and actually appreciated it. He might find out something you have lost. That you are an attractive woman and basic stuff might not be so basic. Beauty does go deeper. Finding it is the goal.

Why is it I could actually tell my ex what skirt or pants go with what top? Shoes? Why can I do that? I actually found it valuable to me.

Maybe in my fear of losing her, I wanted to do something that could help me understand her better. I loved her hair... it was attractive. Yet, she washed like it was a piece of cloth... what? So, I got involved and showed her it was not that. I wanted to show appreciation.

I took the time to see how important style meant to her... and I knew something even greater. I knew if I ever had a daughter... which I was blessed with... I could help her in understanding some of the most tormenting things that a young woman like that goes through. Feeling unloved... not attractive... and worthless. To me that is a crime. For a teen should not feel that way... since it is never true. It's easy to fall into that pit. But, no girl should lie there, especially if a guy sees differently... and has an actual heart to help her.

Men should be actively involved in the family. No just reading papers and watching TV... going to work, eat supper and just ignore everything, assuming that the woman will nurture the nest. Maybe it was all right in the past... but, with the necessity of women needing to work, too, it means guys need to find something that they can do... nurture. It's a rewarding experience. Learning about family...; and with wives and daughters, learning about them to the point yo9u can just knock on the door and they know that anything... anything can be given to him... because she can trust you.

Hair washing might seem like some fetish thing. But, it's only one aspect in cementing a solid, functional relationship with those who call themselves female, women... girls. It's there, guys, to give you an opportunity to go beyond just the normal perspective and find yourself in a more enlightened state of mind for loving those who are of the opposite sex. It's not there for explotation into a sexual realm of abuse. It's a gift given to you so you can become more aware that female ones you love are people and you have a gift that allows you to understand them better, use it to seek more understanding of what is female...and use it to nurture them.

To basically make them more than they are. To improve their lives! To improve in such a way as to let them know, that there is no such thing as low self-esteeme. If so, come back to the guy and he will do everything to show you you can do it. Do, you feel unworthy of love... do you feel that you can't find your dreams... He will be there to make sure you know you are worthy...

Basically a hair fetish can be one of two things... especially a mild case like me.

You can just like hair and find it sexy...

Or, you can allow it to improve your own understanding of the opposite sex... being female and creating a guy who is much more... way much more than shallow stuff that is so stereotypical... and come out to be someone who is inlightened. For someone you might love... to show them you can see beyond what a guy can do and help her see her own self owrth and do everything that can be done to help her with her goals... with children or teens... to show them you will never hurt them or forsake them and be there for them... to be sensative enough to know that ANYTHING... ANYTHING can be something of imprtance and sensativity, form puburty to boyfriends to jobs and the like... becasue you will never forsake them in anyway... because you have learned from this hightened awareness that appreciation of what you love is more important than staying ignorant.

That is why I put this hair stuff down... becasue I feel that it is something worthwhile for women to know and guys to understand...