Been Howling All My Life...

You do or you don't.

I do.


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3 Responses Mar 4, 2008

Ojodeltigre<br />
The book is about the "Wild woman Archtype".<br />
It is written by a great storyteller and cantadora,Dr.Estes.<br />
It examines stories and fairy tales as they relate to the wild woman in each of us.<br />
One of my favorite stories in this book is "The Ugly Duckling".<br />
What person has not felt like they did not fit in at some point in their lives?

Indeed I do like Women Who Run With With The Wolves!<br />
{it is listed on my profile}<br />
I belong to a group called WildWolfWomenoftheWeb,we discuss the work of Dr.Estes.<br />
There are some amazing women on this list.<br />
You may wish to join us....<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />

Then you would like the book "Women who run with wolves":-)