Especially While Listening to Loud Music

I never thought about howling.  Until I saw the movie "Moonstruck" years ago.  Have you seen it?  There's a scene where the old Grandfather takes his pack of pet dogs on a walk.  There's a full moon and he says,  "Why do you make me wait? Howl!"  And he does too!  That scene just spoke to me. Still does.  The next time I was listening to really good loud music,  I started to howl.  And I still do.   Feels so good!

LilAnnie LilAnnie
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2008

That movie is so authentic in every way, not just its dialogue. My best friend in high school was third generation Italian, just like the Cher character. I spent more time at her house then at my own. Her kitchen was exactly like that, with the table, stove and windows in the same position. Her Mom would stand at the stove and place food on the table in the exact same way, muttering nuggets of sarcastic wisdom while doing so. She had an Aunt and Uncle who looked exactly like the couple in the movie. Very short and perfectly matched, also childless, they would arrive unannounced and come into the kitchen to join us all around the table. Her Dad was not a plumber, but a fire chief, extremely correct in his attitude but I could pick up on a smoldering undercurrent. They even had four dogs! Just like in the movie. But they were not allowed up in the house during meals. Whether the family howled with them during full moons, I don't know, but I would have!

Keep on howling :)