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I am a wolf-therian and I used to howl with my dog (an aussie shep called Bruce). It really helped me with m-shifting and afterwards we would just run and play-wrestle all over my father's farm. It was amazing!
Now, when times are tough I always feel like howling but I can't because people hate it and it scares my brother.
When I howl all the dogs within hearing distance start howling too. It's exhilarating.
ShadoWolfx ShadoWolfx
13-15, F
4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Howling for a human is a lot like what psychologists call "primal screaming". It's very healthy to do, if you can find a time and place where it won't bother anyone it's a good idea to take advantage. I don;t get to howl hardly ever since moving to the city, but every now and then I need to at least a little. I also make other sounds that many breeds of dog respond to, it's great. Don't have a dog anymore either though, so I feel for you.

Yeah, thanks. :)

Mine was my brother too. He died recently though and now I also howl alone. Wishing that I hear a friendly reply...

im a wolf therian to but I howl alone I wish my dog jake did not leave... I miss my brother he was a dog but he was my brother.

Wow ur lucky to howl wiv ur dogs u must of had an amazing time.

Yeah I did! It was great. :'(