I Got Discovered While I Was Howling... I'M So Ashamed -_-

CRAP! I was walking and I heard a wolf or dog, or whatever, howling. I decided to answer his call, and started howling. That lasted for 5 min. And still nobody around. So I did it again, and from the corner of my eye, I saw 2 persons, both kind of 17 yrs old, staring at me with a WTF face. Well I turned around and ran away like I had just murdered someone, and the cops were trying to get me! I ran as never before.... After like 0,62 miles I finally stopped running, while finding I was just crying because of this $h!t.....

Well, just wanted to share this..... I'm so ashamed -_- I hope I won't see those persons again.....

-littlewolf1 (Akitah)
littlewolf1 littlewolf1
2 Responses May 9, 2013

don't be ashamed it's not as bad as having EVERONE(I mean everyone no joke)in town think you're a crazy lunatic that thinks she's part wolf

You have nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe a little embarrassed, but not ashamed. There's nothing wrong with howling at all. It's quite healthy, like the primal scream, only with a spiritual element too.

angles right never be ashamed of what u are if there is a problem its theres u did nothing wrong and there for have nothing to be ashamed of

Thank you, I feel a lot better now :D