Chet Drops By

Note: This is a true story that happened a few months ago, improbable as it seems.

I answered the phone, on a Saturday morning, and the male voice said "I want to come by and look at your breasts while I j***off."

I recognized the voice of a young man who, several months ago, contracted construction of our sun room. He is a very good looking African American about ten years younger than my husband and me.

"Chet, I'm both flattered and insulted by your request. I'm flattered because you are an obviously attractive young man and would be attracted to an older woman. I am also insulted you would think you could call me up and suggest such a thing."

"Sorry if I came off crude but I couldn’t come up with a cool way to say it without just getting it said. I apologize. I’m not a subtle guy Carol when I see something I want. I'm just around the corner and I could be there in ten minutes."

"No, I look terrible. I've been cleaning house all morning and besides that my husband is going to be home at any minute."

He chuckled. "That excuse won’t work. I just talked to your husband at the tire shop and they told him it would take an hour because they only had three tires his truck’s size and they would have to go across town to another store to get the last one. I saw you coming out of the supermarket last week and you look plenty damn hot to me."

"I'm not much in the mood for sex these days."

"I've got enough want-to for both of us.Remember my business motto,'' I promise satisfaction or double your money back.""

That made me laugh. "This is against my best judgment Chet, but okay if all you are going to do is look. No touching, okay?"

"If that's what you want."

"That's what I want."

I hung up the phone, went into the guest bath, got a towel and looked at myself in the mirror. Some medical marijuana remained in the medicine cabinet. I took out a half smoked joint and lit it.

Four months ago the doctor said I was cancer free which was wonderful news. One casualty of the whole cancer experience was my sexual desire was just about zero. As the doctor put it, they took away the crib but left the playpen but I've had my children and don't want any more.

As a result, I was on hormone therapy which was supposed to restore my sex drive, among other things. But that had not happened. I dearly love my husband who is also my best friend and a great sex partner. He took wonderful care of me all the time I was sick but we’ve really struggled with sex since I got well. I was convinced he couldn’t find me sexy after all the things he had seen me go through despite his protests.

I looked in the bathroom mirror and decided, it was a lost cause, there was nothing I could do in five minutes to improve my looks but I took another deep hit on the joint, held it in my lungs and let it out slowly. Chet got what he got. My threadbare Rolling Stone T-shirt was so thin you could see my freckles through it much less my n******. I’d lost so much weight, that my shorts bagged on me. I had an old pair of suspenders James, my husband, had given me. I took them off and hoped my shorts would stay up.
I took a towel from the bathroom and dropped it on carpet to prevent Chet making a mess.

In less than a minute I heard a pickup truck in the driveway and I opened the front door for him. He looked great in a tight white T-shirt that showed every muscle in his arms and torso. I opened the door and he stepped in and locked the door behind him.

We exchanged awkward pleasantries standing a few inches apart.
"May I kiss you?" He finally asked.

“You’d better.”

That was my undoing. This man knew how to kiss a woman and he took immediate charge. After you've been married for a while, kisses become sweet but they become shorter and less passionate. My husband and I had not kissed passionately in a very long time. Married sex is wonderfully comfortable but it becomes predictable.

Clint kissed me like I had not been kissed in years and I melted inside. Raising the hem of my T shirt, he pulled it over my head, dropping it on the floor, and told me how beautiful my breasts were. Then his hands were sliding up my body, his fingers on each side of my n******, then using his mouth on my n******, biting lightly and tugging them between his teeth. I cuddled his shaved head to me, stimulated by the sounds he made astonished at how wet I was suddenly. My good intentions had lasted less than a minute and the first time he touched me, I melted.

He unbuttoned his old, smooth, bleached jeans and his tumescent c*** tumbled out. As he was stroking himself he told me to take my shorts off, confidence in his voice that I would do exactly what he wanted.

I wanted to cry out “Stop, I can’t do this, I’ve been very sick,” but I was so turned by now, on all bets were off. My shorts dropped in a puddle at my feet. His rough fingers rubbed my wet crotch, and then he whispered in my ear, “Take off your panties.” That gave me shivers.

Hooking my thumbs in my plain cotton panties, I slid them down my trembling legs, stepping out of them, my feet wide apart, now completely naked and completely accessible. Big fingers spread my outer lips open as he slipped two fingers into me, causing me to inhale quickly. Because he pushed into me so fast it was a combination of pain and utter pleasure. I thought I might swoon as I rubbed my stiff **** and he finger ****** me all the time stroking his c***.

His breath was coming fast and then more deliberately, groaned as he climaxed and came on my leg, his ***** warm and thick as it trickled down my leg.

"Let me f*** you, " he said.

“Don’t’ stop what you are doing,” I said as the ******, that had been hovering just out of touch, flooded my pelvis like a wonderfully warm tsunami, spreading down my legs until I had to hang on to him for support.

I slumped against Chet, legs wobbly.

“Let me f**** you,” he repeated, “How about the couch?”

For the first time in a long time, I was horny and wanted sex as badly as Chet did. My p**** was contracting and Chet's *** and my juices continued to drip down my legs. My nipples tingled and I put Chet’s hands on my breasts. We stood there until our breathing slowed and he took my hand, led me to the couch and laid me back as he finished undressing. Emotional tears of relief ran down my cheeks as I bent my knees and spread my legs, guiding him inside me. I was so wet and so horny, I almost climaxed again. Couches aren’t my favorite place to have sex, but Chet’s movements were smooth and erotic and he moved slowly, forcing me open until he was fully inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and met his easy movements with my own. He whispered how good I felt inside-wet silk he said. I turned his head and kissed him, my tongue teasing his. He moved harder and faster, slamming into me with a wet sound. I thrust hard against Chet, our pubic bones bumping with every stroke, my **** on fire, screaming as my second ****** came out of nowhere, overwhelming me. Two years with faked ******* and in thirty minutes I have two really memorable stunners. Wow, something was going on here.

Chet turned me over onto my knees and pressed my head down against the smooth couch leather. Holding my hips in a tight vice he pounded me, fast and hard. I was screaming meaninglessly as his c*** pounded me, his movements relentless as a jack hammer. Reaching between my legs I rubbed my super sensitive **** but couldn’t summon another ******. Chet roared, my head crammed against the couch arm and slammed hard into me, holding my hips immovable as he pumped me full of ***. This time we both collapsed on the couch, our breath raspy and skin damp with perspiration.

I skipped across the room and retrieved the towel I had left on the floor and stuffed it between my legs.

“Hey baby, when can we get together again?” Chet was sitting on the floor tying his work boots.

“I don’t think so Chet, not now. This was a great experience and I’ll never forget it but I need to get some get some things straight in my mind. Besides James is wonderful man and I have time to make up with him.”

“I’ll call you in a few weeks,” he insisted closing the door behind him.

I scurried around grabbing my clothes, holding the towel between my legs, careful not to drip on the carpet. I grabbed some leather cleaner out of the wash room and wiped some spots on the couch, and looked around to be sure there was no trace of having the hell f***** out of me.

Running to the shower, I turned the side and top faucets to water as hot as I could stand it, revolving around in the shower chamber, holding my arms out to me sides and letting the water beat on every inch of us. Sitting on the shower bench, I used a hand held shower idling spraying my body and contemplating what had just happened. It wasn’t like James did not know about other men I had gone to bed with. That included two guys, one of them a black stud, my friend Candy and I had hooked up with one wild night several years ago. Dousing my loofa sponge with organic lavender bath soap I scrubbed my skin until it glowed glowed pink, then cooled down with cool spray, completely re-energized.

Drying myself with two thick peach colored towels, I experienced an epiphany. It was all so clear to me now. The answer to my sexual indifference had been in my mind all along. Until 45 minutes ago, I had still regarded myself as a cancer patient, not up to sex, regardless of what the doctors said. I had intimidated James, sweet man that he is. When he touched me, I remembered the cautions I felt and I’m sure I transmitted them to him. Any guy who gets enough negative vibes is going to flinch when he approaches a woman.

It took a wild, horny young guy who just took what he wanted to demonstrate that physically I was just fine. I would be damned if I was not going to let the cancer define me. It was past time to get over myself.

James knocked on the bathroom door. “Honey, I’m sorry I took so long. The tire company was screwed up as usual.”

“James pour us a couple of glasses of the Merlot you opened last night would you please? I’ll be out in a moment.”

I blew my uncooperating hair into the closest semblance of an intentional style as possible. I used deodorant, a tiny bit of James favorite cologne in some strategic places and wrapped my-self in a thick white soft robe. I sat cross legged in the middle of the big bed as James came in the door with the Merlot and two wine glasses on a silver tray.

“Here you go my love. How are you?”

“I’m just wonderful, James. My morning has been just great to say the least. I propose a toast.”

We clinked our glasses and I raised mine in a toast I remembered my father had given at our wedding.

”To the wings of love - May they never lose a feather,
But soar up to the sky above,
And last and last forever.”
James smiled. “Your spirits have improved since this morning.”

Still in the white robe, a towel wrapped around my head, I sat on the end of the bed and patted the mattress. “Sit down and lets talk.”
“What’s on your mind?”

“I want to talk about our sex life.”

“You’ve got my full attention.”

“It’s no secret that our sex life has not satisfied either one of us since the cancer. I had the screwball idea that I still had cancer or that I was still too delicate to have sex. Worst of all, as much as I love you and appreciated everything you have done for me, especially when I was sick, I saw you as my caregiver, not my lover. I just couldn’t get the image out of my mind. I thought I didn’t have a sex drive anymore, but I do, it’s just been hidden. I’m so sorry James and I want to get us back to where we were before I got sick.”

Standing, I shrugged out of the robe, letting it drop to the floor. He smiled and I sat in his lap and kissed him as we had not kissed in a very long time. Whispering in his ear I said, “James, pretend I it’s five years ago and make love like we used to.”

As first we were tentative and clumsy with each other, but I fell back on the bed and pulled his head down to my ****, offering my ***’s to his eager mouth, purring as I stroked his back.

We did it all, oral sex, kissing, ******* slow and easy, fast and frantic. In a few minutes we were back to our old selves, except that I was still sore from Chet. We professed our love for each other and I encouraged him to take what he wanted and I did the same. Rolling him onto his back I straddled him, taking him easily into me, I rode him until perspiration ran down the valley between my breasts. I had another ******, not as strong as the earlier ones but I was physically exhausted now.

“Today I realized when we made love, I have been holding back on you. In my mind you were still my caregiver, not my lover. It sounds silly but that was in the back of my mind. I just couldn’t let myself go with you because of a hangup I had. Of course I don’t have all my strength back, but I’m healthier everyday and I really miss sex, good sex with you.”

“James, I have a confession to make. Chet called and insisted he was going to come over and look at my breasts while he jacked off. That’s all I was going to do let him do, but once he started my body went into overdrive and he ****** me royally. I’m sorry if it hurt you.”

A smile broke out at the corners of his mouth.

And I got it, I finally got it.

It had all been too improbable now that I thought of it. I hadn’t seen Chet for months and he conveniently shows up when James is off buying tires.Then Chet gives me a call and wants to look at my **** while he jacks off and assures me James will be busy for at least an hour. Geez Carolyn you didn’t have brain cancer, did the chemo kill brain cells?

“James, how long ago did you set this up with Chet?”

He shrugged, “A few days. I got the idea from the time you and Candy went out that night a few years ago and picked up those guys in that hotel. Both of you ended up going back to the hotel with two guys, one of them was black, and you came home and told me you ****** a black guy. You were hyper sexed for weeks.”

“What made you think I would get turned on by Chet?”

“Baby, we haven’t been married all these years without getting to know how we work. The two things that turn you on the most are completely spontaneous, unscripted sex and a who much the man really wants to **** you.”

“I’ve always desired you Carol, but when you were sick, I didn’t want to force you to do anything you didn’t fell like doing. I became reluctant to ask you to do anything afraid you would reject me if I came on too strong and we’d get into a cycle of rejection and guilt. When we did have sex, you’ve been bashful and stayed covered up like you didn’t think I was sexually attractive to you. Something had to change, we just weren’t making connections and getting further apart. If you didn’t get turned on by a younger, handsome black man, I guess the next step was a marriage counselor.”

I was quiet, taking it all in. One thing I have always loved about James is his sensitivity. He gets me, he really does get me, crazy as I am. He knows me better than I know myself. How could I not love that guy back?

“Your fantasy has always been to seen me **** a black man hasn’t it? And that hasn’t happened yet.” I suggested.

“I want you to myself for a while. There is plenty of time to get Chet or someone else involved if we want to.”

Now that’s something for a girl to look forward to.
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What a wonderful erotic story.

Loved that story. Amazingly hot.