Tired Of 'freedom Of Speech' Being A Facade In America.

They do it all the time, delete comments posted by readers. Sure, they have 'rules of conduct' but this really getting out of hand.  

For instance, this comment was deleted today, within a minute of posting. 
  "Romney asked the individuals he was considering as his VP to submit 10 years of tax returns to his campaign. "
Why? Because Romney wanted to know everything he could about a person before selecting such person for a job.

Just as the American people wish they could do for selecting a candidate for the most important position in the country.

It's obvious Romney doesn't think any rules relate to him, he thinks it's just for everyone else. This is exactly why Romney is not fit for Presidency.

Really now.   Tell me how my comment broke the rules?
DreamWizard DreamWizard
51-55, F
Sep 13, 2012