My Love Of Hugs And Anything Huggable <3

I love hugging, cuddling, and just generally being affectionate. Recently, I've learned to enjoy life more and, rather than refuse some experiences as I used to before, I have learned to experience and enjoy everything differently. That definitely goes for hugs! Here are a few types of hugs in my life:

1. Classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, or friends who I'm not all that close to, who hug as a hello or goodbye ritual. Generally most people like this give a kiss on the cheek and perhaps a brief, light, sometimes impersonal hug. I reciprocate with the exact same thing and take as much as I feel like out of it.

2. The people who give special hugs, that are different and personal. Even if I don't initiate the hugs, these tend to be people I feel somewhat attached / close to, though they're not intimate friends. These are the hugs given to me that I tend to remember dearly for a long time: one girl who used to rock me as we were hugging, a lady who gave me the most playful tight pat-on-the-back kind of hug ever, a boy who only hugged me once and he hugged me the tightest and it felt very special, ... These are, once again, hugs I tend to reciprocate. I do the same they do. I also get a lot more involved emotionally than with the previous type.

and finally, 3. Even though I adore hugs, I rarely initiate them. I guess I'm shy. This type of hug is normally the only type I may initiate. Hugs with people who are very dear to me, the most important to me. Of course, I keep things reciprocal in this type too, in that I won't do anything that seems inconvenient for the other person. However, I tend to put meaning and love as much as possible into these hugs. This is me saying "I love you, ____!" or "I care about you, ___!" or "Thank you, ___!" or even (much more rarely and probably only ever happened with one person) "I'm sorry!" or "I need you!" They are personal and based on what I know about that person generally and what I feel about them at that particular moment. These are also hugs that I remember, not so much because they were physically special as because of the emotional intensity and meaning. As much as possible, I prefer these to be long, tight, comfortable, and intimate. These are the hugs which leave me the happiest, the most fulfilled, and feeling loved / loving.

Then, there are two other, particular types:

1. I actually use stuffed bears / dolls whenever I need a hug and there's no one there. It feels nice and it can help me to calm myself down and I'm having a bad moment. One advantage: I can hold on for as long as I need to and be 100% sure I'm not inconveniencing anyone. :)

2. I have only ever experienced this with one person, with whom I got the impression of a hug without touching. That is, his words were so warm, sincere, intimate, open, and caring, that I felt like he was somehow giving me a sort of soul hug, even though he did not touch me physically in any way. I am also very glad to have the opportunity to write this, as I have neglected this aspect for a while now and I want to pay more attention both to moments when I might receive such spiritual hugs and also begin to give these myself.

Now obviously, hugging is not a science. Many of the hugs I experience may be in-between these styles. The above are only the main categories I have observed.
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Great Story

hugs to you as well! :) <3