Yes, I Do

I will usually respond in kind to the person I am hugging.  Most times if its males, they tend to be more forceful and bodyconforming, but brief, depending on whether or not he is attracted to me.  Females, tend to be a more kind, delicate embrace and longer especially if she is a dear friend.  Children receive the most special hugs it's usually to pick up their spirit, or heal a boo boo, and at that time I am their hero.   But, self hugs are important too.  :)

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2 Responses Apr 20, 2009

I love hugs, and think that they can be incredibly sensual... And how cute are you to feel you are their hero! I feel that way each time I kiss my 2 year old girl's "ouch-ies".

Up until about six years ago, I was not a 'huggy' type person at all. In fact, the thought that someone considered me a target for a hug would have disturbed me.<br />
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I began working at a university and it appears that hugging is the thing. I still don't initiate the hug, but I take them (and no, no guys have been hugging on me).<br />
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I really have no interest in the 'one-arm hug' and would rather the people I know just go for broke (as some do) and give a forceful, fierce, wrapped tight hug.<br />
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I hug my kids- my son doesn't really go for that. I like to pick my daughters up and dangle them around like rag-a-muffins... their fault for being so huggable.