A Hug Is Special

I hug accoring to who it is.  A person I just met might get a quick hug, a family member a longer hug, a close friend body to body hug and a lover, a long slow hug.  I hug some of my clients because they are huggers like me.  Meeting other massage therapists, the hugs are always warm and welcoming.  I think hugging is one of those little joys in life that should be shared.  

rhettbuttler69 rhettbuttler69
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12 Responses May 5, 2009

Why, you do talk scandalous! *giggle*

Ms Scarlett, it's easy to take care of your needs. Spoiling you is just a by-product.

My my Cap'n Butler, how you do spoil me. *batting eyes*

I shall always give you what you need WM! : )

Thank you kindly, dear sir. I needed that, Rhett. :)

A large, warm bear HUG for you Ms WM.

((((((((((CUDDLY HUGS))))))))))

Hey AD, I'm an equal opportunity hugger. Always have been. So you can get in th HUG line too.

I love to get hugs too :P i hope there would be more people like you... and yeah, there is so many ways to hug, also, i guess some hugs have like...their own personality :D lol

From what I've been reading today, I will gladly give you a HUG WM. You are certainly active today. : )

Can I have a hug, Rhett? I could always use one.....:)

How true TSG. A hug can make pain go away, make you feel safe or show affection as just a few of it's many uses.