Everyon Does ....

The FAMILY hug - holds on for ever

The BABY hug - pat back, rock back and forth

The WARM greeting - squeeze them tight

The Icky don't touch me hug - barely touch - you just want out ...

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72 36-40, F 10 Responses Jun 10, 2009

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Yeah - I tend to confuse them though ... LOL

I also have different hug techniques!!

Ah you would definitely get the watm and fuzzy hug!!

LOL... peanut butter.

Yep... I might. ;-)

Very good question Chris, how would you hug each person in your circle MizzB?

Of course Chris may have peanut butter on his hands so it is something to keep in mind. ;)

If I bumped into you somewhere MizzB... what hug would I get? :-)

oh no I hate that too!!

Don't you hate that awkward moment when you're not sure whether to shake hands or hug? ...or am I the only one who experiences it?

Yeah - me too ... the WARM AND FUZZY hug ... I like that, oh and of course the WET WILLY hug ... classic

I have a few hug styles