It Totally Depends On the Person and the Circumstance

I am not the person who goes around and hugs everyone just for the sake of it. I think that hugging someone is something personal and to me it has meaning. I hug close friends and family. If it is a good-bye hug it is often a one-arm hug and short. If the other person is going through a rough time I do the 2 arm hug and hold them tight and for longer and I have also done the back rub with it to ease their tension and to make them feel good.

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1 Response Sep 24, 2009

Yes! me too! i think it is personal thing, :-) Yes of course it has a meaning, like you wrote, if they are going through a "rough" time, we give them a two arm hug! with family ok, but "stranger's" hmmm!!" i just don't go for that! either! :-) <br />
I think it is a personal touch thing and i hate anyone encroaching in my space to begin with! <br />
Thank you for sharing hon!! :-) xoxoxoxoxo