Not Only a Pillow

For last two months i cuddle my pillow more than ever. It is for me some kind of stop-gap, untill i will be able to hug my boy.

I dont hug only my pillow, i sqeeze my blanket, or my plushy soft 1m large toy dog... whole night.

I know it's not the same like hugging a real beloved person, but what can i do now? When i cant hug my angel.... i can hug only pillow...

This evoke a feeling that Aalekh lie by my side. It is better than sleep alone.

Everytime i go to bed, i must listen to my song... that while a film is playing in my mind, only romantic scenes, hugging, kissing, holding hands during sunset....


CORRECTION: ...for last 3 months...

bublina bublina
18-21, F
7 Responses Jul 22, 2008

:DDD :P He loves to be suffocated that way! :P

yeah, you wrote it so nicely, maybe you're right. :) Thannks. :)

i'm sure you'll find him. And maybe yours will be closer than mine, my soulmate is far away, but hope that not for long... just want time to pass faster... i want to meet him in person.... must wait...

yeah, it's better when you can squeeze something than sleep without anything... hug something is a need for us. :)

hahahaha.... you know how i meant it.... :)

ya, me too.... but more i love aalekh. :)

your plushy soft toy dog ! Oh, I love it ! :)