What Hugs Mean To Me.


I think it’s just me, but I find it really hard to just give a hug to say hello or good bye. It just seems just so …… fake.

Hugs to me should mean something. There should be intention behind the hug. There should be feeling and not just with the body, but with the mind and emotions.

When I give someone a hug that I want to give, it is an all encompassing hug. I want my arms to go completely around the person. I want the person to know that they have been hugged by me, and remember it. I try and give a hug so that it actually leaves an impression on their soul showing them I care.
I’ve always felt this way, but after going online and meeting some of the women that I have met, I want my hugs to mean even more. I want to give them protection from their fears, give them confidence in who they are, and take away their pain. I know I can take pain; it doesn’t bother me, now I want to take away other people’s pain so that they feel good.

I have a few friends that I really care about and have developed not just a cyber bond, but to me an emotional and mental bond. I can feel what they describe to me, and I want to reach through the internet, grab them in my arms, and give them the best hug I can give. I want my hug to change their lives for the better. Regardless of how they physically appear to anyone else, these few ladies are absolutely beautiful and deserve better than life has given them so far.

For those of my friends that I cannot physically be there for, please allow me a brief moment in your life to try and give you something that hopefully will take your pain away for as much as I can, even if it only for the time that it takes you to read this.

I tend to think of things in the most detailed manner and when I pull into my imagination, I can put myself right there at the moment, with that person, and nothing else around me. Just one hundred percent focus my energy on that person and make them the only one that matters.

I would love to greet my friend at the door, with an opening hello hug, and although I don’t particularly like these types of hugs, but, maybe it means more to them/you. As I take your coat, and hang it up, I’d ask how you were doing in order to gauge your emotional mindset. Understand where you are at and give you a quick checkpoint and to let you know I genuinely care. Would you like to just talk or would you like to sit and watch a movie? Is there anything you would like to drink? Wine, water, you name it and I’ll get it for you.

As you and I sit comfortably on the couch, I would be facing you, shoulders square, and looking you dead in the eyes. This way, you see exactly where I am, and see that I am hiding nothing and you can see every emotion on my face in order to see the sincerity in my actions. I’m watching your expressions and the way you present yourself to judge your comfort level. I watch how you breathe and how you position your shoulders, and the position of your hands. Are you sitting comfortable and relaxed, or won’t your emotions allow you to do so.

I’m listening to what you are saying and interpreting behind the word as to what you are feeling. I want to get inside of your mind in order to figure out how I can soothe your pain and make you comfortable with me. As I ask you simple questions, I can narrow down where you need to go to get to that comfortable place. My questions become more direct and meaningful in order to draw you closer, in order to give you the kind of hug you need. After whatever time is needed to get there, I have no other plans, I have no other agenda tonight except you , and meeting your needs of me.

Once you have come to your comfort level, I’ll be able to see this and not only make you relax physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I can see and sense you opening up like a beautiful flower as it first blooms with the sun hitting it just right…. This is the place where I like to see you, and where I think you should be, and where I wish that everyone else in the world could see you.

I ask you what kind of movie you’d like to see and start the movie. I’d turn down the lights, not in order to turn this into a sexual situation, but to allow your senses to dull on the outside and start to feel on the inside. Shortly into the movie, I would slip off the couch and sit on the floor with my back to the couch and watch the movie for a little. At the right time, I would then look over my shoulder, I would ask you if you could do me a favor, and come down onto the floor with me and sit in front of me, in between my legs, and just rest your back against my chest. I feel the need to hug you as we watch the movie.

I’m asking you this as if I need the hug so you will want to do it for me, and yes, I will get comfort from it, but my intentions are to give you the comfort that you deserve. Of course you say yes, because you don’t feel threatened, nor should you. I am harmless, and I have come straight at you to show you I have nothing to hide and that I am genuine in all my intentions.

As you sit back against me, I reach around and intertwine my hands in yours, outstretched in front of us. Then I slowly bring them in to the core of your body, the core of your emotions, and I wrap them around you with both you and I sharing that hug of your body. I squeeze a little, and bring my legs into yours and squeeze your legs between mine as well as curl my shoulders around yours and bring my head to the side of yours.

I use every muscle in my body to wrap you up, so that you feel safe in my arms. I then back off so as not to be over bearing, and not crowd you, and to give you your comfortable space. My arms would still surround you in order to show you that I will protect you with every cell of my body, and nothing can harm you while you are here.

However, I’m not satisfied with just here and now… I want to go deeper into my friend…. I want to eliminate all the pain that has come upon you, and shield you from any pain that you may have in the future. For that, I need to get inside of your mind, and touch you where no man has ever felt the desire to go with you. I want to go to the core, where nobody has soiled you with their hurt. That is where I want to start, because that is how much I care about you. To start at your core and work my way out, pushing out the pain from the past, in order to make room for the good things that you enjoy. As we sit watching the movie, you are concentrating on the movie, while my whole focus is on you.

I lean forward and whisper in your ear “How are you feeling and are you comfortable.” I can already feel that you are, I just want you to think about it and realize that you feel comfortable. I continue softly to ask you some questions, not necessarily looking for answers, but to have you think about yourself and realize the goodness that I see in you. Meanwhile, I’m absorbing all the negative energy in your being, and giving you the feeling of relief of those burdens that you have kept inside of you for so long. I feel your body going limp in my arms. As the burden of life leaves your being, you come back to the state that you felt when you were a baby, and were comforted in your mother’s arms, without a care in the world. This is where you need to be, feeling loved like you are the only person that exists, and know to your very soul that I really do care.

As the night goes on, there are times that I need to release my own purified good energy back into you, and I hold you and rock you back playfully asking if you are still awake, but really it is to make you feel alive and willing to accept what I have to offer. My complete concentration is into pouring what I feel into you, into your body. I wish to have you leave me feeling like you can take on the world now, and that you have the energy to address anything and everything with confidence and passion, knowing that I am always inside of you, and supporting you, and there for you.

When the movie ends, you are in a completely blissful state of mind and body, and only good thought are running through your mind. I then help you up off the floor and wait until you gain your balance as you feel drained, but energetic at the same time. You almost feel as though you are floating, and you don’t understand why. I have taken everything that has held you down, and relieved that from you, and given you the opportunity to start fresh.
Now is the time to close you back up and give you the armor that you need to face the outside world.

So, I ask how you liked the movie, and start joking around with you to see you smile. That smile was not there when you came in, this is a genuine smile letting me know that you are happy. Not the initial smile that you usually give as you greet someone to be polite. I can see it in your lovely eyes, that you are very happy indeed that you trusted me and that you let me into your life.

It is getting late, and time for you to go, as life awaits you outside of my door, however, you are now more prepared to take it on, and conquer it. I retrieve your coat and put it on as a gentleman would in a classy restaurant. I walk you to the door and open it for you, and follow you outside. I can’t just leave you at the door; I need to walk you to your car. As we arrive at your car, I open the door to that as well, and offer my hand to you so that you can ease yourself into the driver’s seat. I then step into the open doorway, and squat down so that we are eye level, and reach out my hand and take yours and ask “How do you feel now? How are you doing?” I want you to search your feelings and realize how good you actually do feel. After you give me the confirmation that I’m looking for,

I stand up and stoop into your car and give you one last hug goodbye and let you know that I had a fantastic time with you tonight, and that I would absolutely love it if we would do it again. After giving me a kiss on the cheek, as I pull away from you, I just take your head in my hands, and turn your head so that we are seeing eye to eye, and I slowly come into you for a kiss on the forehead. Just a kiss that finishes the night, lips to forehead for a second. Longer than a peck, but not sexual at all, just long enough to let you know that I will always be there for you. As you start the car, I make sure you are safely inside and I close the door leaving you in a safe environment for the night.

You pull away, and I stand there watching, making sure that you are safe for as long as I possibly can, before I turn to go back inside, with the feeling of blissful happiness that I was able to help a friend, and knowing that I had not just helped her tonight, but helped her for a lifetime.

I truly hope that this gives my lady friends just a little bit of what I really want to give you, and would give you if I could.

Take care,

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Beautiful :-)

I sure wish someone would give me a hug like that lol

Well, that is what I'm here for.

I think I'll read this again when I feel the need to calm down and relax :)

sure was a long hug..

Ed, that is a truly beautiful story, your emotions really do shine through those words, I only hope your true friends who are lucky enough to recieve your hugs in real life appreciate them, I surely would, your a true gentlemen xxx

I agree.

You do seem to know how these things work.

A hug will always be welcome if it is honest.


This is nice got me smiling the whole time :)

Thank you for your kindness. Your friends are there for you anytime as well :)

that would be some hug :) so, when can i come over to get it?

My arms are open for anyone who needs it.

(((HUGS))) back to you

Thank you!

Wow Ed. You are so incredible. You have touched my heart and I post with tears falling out if my eyes. So touching. Not sure if you will ever know how much

Hey, you're not supposed to cry about it!! Thank you!!