Hucows And Milk Slaves ... Get In Her You Cows !

I am an experienced, strict, moderately sadistic,

24/7 BDSM lifestyle Master
. I am currently seeking a submissive female to train, enslave, keep, and own as my personal 24/7 live in hucow

and slave.

If you are interested,
email me and include a picture/pictures, and description of your needs, wants, desires, and desired

limits to be set prior to enslavement, if any. I will reply by email within 24 hours.

Thank you, Master RRXRO > copy that ;)

about my experince

first time i milked a woman was my English teacher when i was 16

she kinda came on to me and told me for " iam under ur command sir " ... was kinda wierd at first but .. i did what anyone would do ... graped her boobes and said " you dont say ;) "

* once i milked that teacher in at the farm ..i tied her hands up on the tree ... spanked her *** till it tured red ... then start hand milking her ... then i ****** her while i was hand milking her ... after that .. i let her move around on her four totaly naked .. she told me later she liked the feeling of the grass touching her boobs

well that is enf ,, thanks for reading , hope u enjoyed it :)
18-21, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

great story rrxro keep milking them good.