People are great at hiding things. We live surrounded by people with different situations, emotions, and motives. I myself rarely act according to my thoughts and then I wonder why people fail to understand. I don't really have a story for this, nor any particular experiance but the very nature of human is quite fasinating to me. The way we decided to hide behind a social mask;why we are so radically different from when we were children. Why? Aren't we children until we die? We might learn for things, but aren't we always struggling to understand each other, to learn about someone elses world? It is a scary thing, stepping out of our own space - our comfort zone. The fear of rejection, of isolation is something that hunts me to never leave my own space. Instead I leave something different of myself with everyone I meet. There is no person save maybe my brother and mother who know my true-self and maybe not even then. But then again, there might be a person out their who already understands and I just don't know it.


It might be impossible to understand each other, to see what you see, to think as you think. But I wish to keep trying. Seek to know your perseption of the world, your thoughts, your views without any biase of my own. It will take time, since I must start with myself, to understand who I am before setting off, but I hope on my death bed, where-ever it may be, that I might understand you, know you for you, so that my world will be that much bigger.


Sorry the random thoughts ^^

Tearofanangel Tearofanangel
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

i think every day we learn something new about are selfs and others it would be nice if we could all understand each in this wold you are right.