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I want to be a human puppy. I love having a collar tied around my neck you leading me around on a leash. I want to eat out of dog bowls you putting whatever you want into my bowl.
SlutHaylee SlutHaylee
22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 26, 2014

Lol Christ would you pm me I'm looking for a cumslut pet like you want to be I'm not kidding you are exactly what I want

add me

I've been looking to RP with a puppy dog (with working tail) **** ***** (read your other story). Feel free to message me

aahh no clothes collar tied, n butt tail....n drink ma urine from d bowl while i spank ur ***..

well what state are you in bc im looking for a new puppy . and i have a nice doggie bowl waiting for you and a nice new collar

Anything we want into your bowl huh?? Hmmm...