Not The First Time

I underestimate the power of alcohol and lack of sleep. Last night I was in Vegas with my boyfriend and his entire soccer team. The whole weekend was a blast and everybody was enjoying themselves. All of a sudden I'mcrying in front of everyone and I don't remember why I was so upset. I cant remember getting ready or being that intoxicated... But I was. My boyfriend chased after me when I left the club dramatically and i end up punching him in the face. I know how it seems but i would never act that wayo sober. I would never say the mean things I did. And i would never hit anyone!!! The worst part is that I don't remember and its not the first time I've blacked out.... So he tells me on the drive home that he still wants to be with me but im not allowed to drink around him. So I have taken a vow to completely give up drinking all together. How embarrassing!!!
zion89 zion89
May 22, 2012