Great Way To **********

I found out how to ********** doing it this way! When I first started I discovered it by rocking on a toy rocking horse & a swingset pole. Than I moved onto my stuff animals. As I got older I started using my pillow & bottom head board to rock & hump. Are there any other things I'm missing & should try?
xxLeighxx xxLeighxx 22-25, F 13 Responses Jul 16, 2010

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I had my first time to see what humping can do to a guy. I must have been 19 or so and into heavy petting and down to our underwear. I was really humping him since i was horny as hell and all of a sudden he went off. I could feel it all wet on my stomach through my panties.

I sometimes wear a jock I bought for novelty wear, The seam sometimes adds a little more.

Awesome, at 12 I use to jump up on my bedrooms closet door, thrust my hips up and orgasming almost passing out... later I figured it was the muscle action because climbing always gave me a stuffy. Rubbing my foreskin on the smooth painted door gave me many delicious pre puberty *******.. =)

Oooh! That sounds fun. ;)

Sofa cushions work really well too

I like a good pillow, double overed.

Yeah.. that must feel good for you ;)

It sure does, like first thing in the morn when you want it, and have some time and then oh, oh wow

Sounds fun Leigh!!<br />
What do you normally think about when you hump??<br />
Kate xoxox

Hmm! Lots of things... A sexy women or a handsome boy ******* me hard.

I don't have the same parts, but I like a good humping on top of a balled up blanket ;)

You know about the sex with stuffed animals EP group right? Is called "I am a plushophile" I believe... I am not making this up. If you can't find this then one of us is spelling this wrong... There's -atleast- two people like that on this website... Of course manmade creations are better than humans or animals or manmade likenesses of either, but then of course I'm "paid" to say that..

Thanks, I'll try that!

You could try me :)

Ok then, but this is how i got started and you just walked down a road that's gonna change your life just like I did in the mid-80's... The sexuality rocks beyond your wildest dreams... but if the -participants- are going to, then this lilely starts with you

I'm not an ob<x>jectophillia, I just like to hump ob<x>jects.

Yeah but is more than that... seeing the beauty ("in that way") in human creations is the next and a better step...